I'm Having a Baby, Right Now -- The Sequel!

It’s deja vu all over again.

This time the contractions are five minutes apart. The midwives are here. The doula is making lunch for Mr. TeaElle. My mother in law is in a cab from the airport and my mother is making preparations to fly up tonight. The birthing tub is filled, and I’ll be getting into it as soon as I click submit. Instead of a protein bar, I’m using a protein shake to fuel up for the work ahead.

In short, it’s birthin’ time, folks, and BabyTeaElle 2: Electric Babyloo should be here soon. Like, within hours. This one is happening fast. Contractions only started about 90 minutes ago.

Depending, either the Mr. or myself will check in later with the news.

Wow – really fast, contractions are now about four minutes apart. I think I’d better go have this baby! :smiley:

<<waiting with bated breath>> TeaElle you are in my thoughts and prayers… Come on Babyloo!!!

Say, congrats, there, tlw! Good luck and remember to look fabulous during the whole ordeal; waterproof mascara is your friend!


Push harder!

This reminds me of a funny story during the birth of my son in February:

The doctor was a real young guy, middle eastern, and had exactly the same voice as Fozzy Bear. And right when we’re in the middle of pushing, he tells my wife exactly what kind of pushing he expects.

“Feces! I wanna see Feces!”, said Fozzy Bear. Really try and hear that one in your head for full effect. Wocka-wocka!

TMI, I guess, but it was funny.

Good luck, congrats, what’s the scoop, where’s the pictures?!


Is the baby here yet ?

Congrats and I have to say that you are a better woman than I am. There is no way I could have posted while in labor, well not outside the pit anyway.

You’re posting while your contractions are four minutes apart?!? You’re my heroine!

Push it out! Push it out! WAY OUT!

Wow! Good going girl! Hope everything went well (is going well? I’d guess you may have already had baby by the time I’ve seen this)

I wanna see pics!!

Congrats! I hope your birth experience goes better than mine! I too want to see pictures!!


Congrats, TeaElle… I hope everything goes smoothly!

Breathe between all that pushin’.

Best wishes for you and your family.

And YES!!! You’re husband Will wanna touch you again!

There is dedication. Posting while contracting and about to slip into something way more comfortable.

Good Luck!

I formally nominate TeaElle for Doper Of The Month. She took the time, because she has her priorities straight.

Sure, her uterus was contracting and letting her know that she was about to give birth. Sure, they were only 4 minutes apart. Sure, she needed to make sure the birthtub water was juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust right.

Yet, what did she do? I ask you? She took the time to post her O.P. Me, I’m throwing my vote behind her. That’s one Doper !!! :smiley:

Mazel Tov, please let us know so we can either light candles, or turn on the Lava Lamp ( whichever ) to commemorate the most wonderful event.


Well? What happened? Where’s the baby? :slight_smile:

Congratulations. I hope all is well.

Congrats hope all is well. Let us know!

Has the little Doper or Dopette arrived yet?

I, too, am very anxious for some news.

If she wants my support for Doper of the Month, she better waddle her sore parts over to the computer and post pertaining information.

I mean, really.