I'm leaving here

I’ve given this a great deal of thought. There are various pressures at work that I must address. There is the home life. Though it’s been fun, it’s extremely difficult to maintain the level of commitment here.

Recent issues with various moderators, administrators, posters and farm animals have also forced me to take a moral stand, and I can see no other alternative than to summon all the cheap drama that is available to me, and go down in a self-immolating blaze of glory as an admonition to all.

Once I’m gone that will somehow prove that I was right and that I was important, and you will feel chastened and confused by my aloof moral superiority and noble silence.

Therefore I have resolved that this is my final post.

I bear no ill will to anyone here, but I hope you understand my position.

Circumstances have left no alternative to a man of my moral stature and firm commitment.

So, I must regretfully inform you that I will no longer be posting in this thread.



He’ll be back. Nobody dumps the Dope…

Well, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. And don’t let it hit you in the face on your way back in.

I’m predicting a high woosh count on this one.

I think a lot of folks can figure out the satire here.

I had never pegged you for a melodramatic drama queen, so I’m going to assume that either this is just a cheerful FYI so that we needn’t wonder where you have gone, or a parody of someone else’s teary-eyed goodbye. Hopefully the latter.

I predict Scylla’s gonna pull a Michael Corleone aaaaany minute now…
“Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in.”



If we stop posting at the SDMB, it only means the gophers have won.

Oh, come on. You expect anyone to believe that that’s all the cheap drama you have available?

See you later Kay Kay, um Scylla.

I don’t think he quit the board. just this thread…

Ding ding ding!!! We have a winner folks!!!


what, exactly is a “whoosh count?”

A count of how many people are whooshed, which is when they do not understand a post is sarcastic and respond as such.

I think you’re being a little harsh, Drastic. The ratio of cheap drama to post length was quite strong, and since we can only evaluate the cheap drama saturation for this thread, I give it high marks.

If Scylla ever leaves the Boards, we’ll have to evaluate the cheap drama factor with different methods, perhaps cheap drama in recent posts vs. drama in overall posting career. It’ll be tough to beat Stork in that respect.

Quickly folks…it looks like one of Scylla’s groundhogs has taken over his home and is now logging in and posing as Scylla.
Further evidence of this fact can be found by the recent postings of someone who calls themself “Whistlepig.” God save the rest of us from these varmints of terror…


No, don’t go!! This thread just won’t be the same without you!!!

<sobbing inconsolably>

I was beginning to despair of the entire “Fat” “Insulting” “Is not” “Rude” “Shove it up your ass” “You first” “Fuck me” “Fat” cycle. Now this. You’ve absolutely ruined my day, Scylla and I shall certainly miss you here on the IMDB.

kg m²/s²

[sub]What the hell, you made my day![/sub]

I don’t think I’m being harsh. After all…

Now, it’s all well and good and supportive and bolstering of self-esteem and warm fuzzy breeding and such to point out that the cheap drama for post length is acceptable. Indeed it is. But our dear departed did not say he could see no alternative but to summon just enough cheap drama to make an acceptable OP/CD ratio–he said all.

I will grant that it’s possible he did summon all the cheap drama available to him, but didn’t use all of it in his immolation. Actually, that does make sense–a fellow with a wood-burning stove can gather together all the firewood he has, but isn’t going to throw all of it into the furnace at once.

I withdraw my objection, and will now accept being chastened and confused.