I'm sorry, but Zenster is a fuckwit.

B…b…but I like Zenster! He doesn’t bother me at all. I missed him dreadfully when he was on hiatus, and welcomed him back in an email when I noticed his return.

Maybe I’m just not seeing the tone of his threads the way other people are seeing it. [sub][sup]And maybe it’s because I’m an obnoxious bitch myself IRL and our tones match…I dunno.[/sub][/sup]

I also have learned a great deal about foods/recipes/etc. from him, so in my book, he’s done his part for ignorance battling. Especially my own.

Seems like an okay guy to me. Short tempered, maybe, and obstinate when he gets his back up, but he’s hardly unique in that quality 'round these parts.

As an insufferable food snob, I take umbrage at your statement, jar!

I have never met Zenster, and truthfully I really don’t him very well, but he has taken on hero status in my house.

He knew money was tighter than tight in my house and that my daughter’s 16th birthday was coming up and there was no way I could get her any of the things she asked for, he went out and bought her a CD player, some rather expensive but heavenly chocolate, and sent her some CDs. He also included an ungodly amount of gumballs for my son and some Army men, which were his favorite things at the time.

Nobody asked him to do this, we certainly didn’t expect it, but he did it because he wanted to and because he’s got a good heart. He does stuff like this for people less fortunate than him all the time.

So if he gets his back up on occasion and loses his temper, I can easily overlook it because of the good things I know he does that he rarely if ever talks about.

Humm - based on the actions that Arden Ranger has described I think I have to give my vote to “OK Guy”.

I have to say, in all my interactions with Zenster, which have been regretablly few, on this board, he has always come across as an excellent poster.

Heck he wrote out a massive recipie for domades, complete with footnotes. when I asked. Anyone who would share sucha recipie for such a delicious food is top notch in my book.

Sure, we all have our off days, but really, there are posters on this board who I find much more annoying. Okay, that sounds like I’m damning him with faint praise. What I mean is not that he is less annoying than most, because he’s not. Annoying I mean… He isn’t… What I’m trying to say is…

Oh forget it… I’ve lost myself.

Put it this way, I like Zenster. He rocks.

Go Zenster! He seems like a perfectly fine man, so I don’t know what the problem is.

I have no idea if it is justified or not, but this just struck me as one of the coldest things I’ve ever seen posted in the pit. I don’t know why, but it just struck me. I hope that although it is conspicuously absent from the post, there is reason to say this.

On the basis of Arden Ranger’s testimony, I’m offically upgrading my rating of “okay guy” to “really cool dude.”

In a recent thread, I posted that I had to drop out of college 8 years ago and was still unable to go back.

Zenster sent me an e-mail offering emotional support, money for text books and other things. He made no mention of loan, or expecting to be paid back. Again, he did this in a private way. None of you would ever have heard of it if I hadn’t posted this.

If there’s a reason to Pit him,I haven’t seen it.

After reading all this, if I liked him before…I simply adore him now.

Zenster, baby…take a bow.

I agree with the OP. He’s a dreadful fuckwit.

I cook a lot too. And I play the saxophone. And while I skip over 99% of his posts, the 1% that I hit make me want to quit both, take up knitting and playing the harpsichord.

On the positive side, he lives on the other end of the continent.

On the basis of Arden Ranger’s testimony, I’m offically upgrading my rating of “insufferable blowhard” to “creepy stalker freak.”

Zenster’s always seemed like a pleasant fellow to me. Not particularly short tempered. Clearly munificent and helpful. Most good cooks are a little obsessive about food, and Zenster wouldn’t seem to be much worse for his enthusiasms. I really don’t care if he watches television or not. His cigar box collection sounds kind of cool. There are real fuckwits on this board more worthy of a pitting, and quite a lame pitting at that.


I fail to see how Zenster pretty much saving my kid’s very important birthday and renewing my faith that there are people out there that give a damn about anyone outside their own little sphere is even remotely creepy.

I have no dog in this fight, but I’d rate personal interaction (as attested to by Arden Ranger and Doc Cathode) higher than board personality, in evaluating a person. What you post on a messageboard is one thing. What you do in “real life” is another, and, I think, more significant.

Of course, without the personal testimony, all most people have to go on here is the postings.

I am just about 100% sure that this refers to the OP and not to you.

Zenster is the guy that was bitching because someone gave him a free venue to play his music and then he bitched about them not giving him free food too, right?

I say he’s an alright guy though. You all just need to ride a dappled pony.

Oh, yeah, a real pimple on humanity’s ass :rolleyes:.

So he gets aggravated - give the guy a break! From what I read, he makes a lot of effort to do things right. People like that expect some reciprocation.

Zenster wrote a terrific post on a thread I started - I really appreciated his support and enjoyed reading about his adventures, he had a lot of interesting things to day.

Besides, I may be a newbie, but I thought the point of coming here was to express oneself with some emphasis - what’s the point of being milquetoast?

On the other hand, I remember these:



But most especially this one:

I haven’t run into him since his return, other than to note that he came back, so I really can’t say from experience if he’s gone nuts and become a jerk or anything.

I will say that on this board as in life, it is hard to escape and become something other than what people think you are.

If y’all say he’s flaked out, I’ll take your word for it.