I'm sorry, but Zenster is a fuckwit.

It may be an unpopular statement, but Zenster is a fuckwit.

He is a pompous shitwit who blows off the handle at anyone who disagrees with him. He should really settle down and take things easier.

The sad thing about this rant is that I think that he is probably a wonderful person to know. He obviously knows his stuff about cooking, he cares for hiis fellow human being, and he has some incisive comments to make about the human condition.

But, by Christ, he is fucking irritating. He refuses to accept criticism, he rabbits on about his own superiority, and he goes off the handle at the smallest slight.

He has a lot of posts, and I like most of them, but he is an irritating piece of work.

  • Bubba.

got any links that I can see to support your claims?

Do you have a single cite for this, or are you going for the creepy stalker vibe?

Say, since you’re so close to the man, being his underwear and all, what’s Tony Barber really like?

I’ve never understood publicly calling someone out when simply avoiding them would be so much easier and not add to any general tension here, especially when…

Seriously, could you not find a bastard more deserving? Believe me, I can help!

First of all, isn’t Zenster a woman?

Second of all, care to link to an example?

is this about the butting in line thread?

Does the straight dope have an ignore list button?






Zensters male. and I agree w/lieu’s assesment and hereby offer a steady supply of names more worthy.

Zenster is a deeply loyal, caring human being (IMHO), which can, of course, lead to deeply held feelings when people he cares about are threatened.

I think sometimes he vents here, so that IRL, he doesnt’ end up acting out poorly. I’ve seen him respond to reasoned appeals, and not unlike damn near 90% of the folks here, respond venomously when they feel attack - IOW, reply to him saying ‘you fuckwit’, he’ll ratchet up a notch, appeal to him reasonably, he’s more likely to see your point. (not always, but who here is innocent on that?)

Tony, unless he’s changed over the last couple years, he isn’t that great in person, either.

Yes. You can add people to it in two ways:
(i) Click on the ‘profile’ button under one of your posts, click ‘User CP’, then click ‘Edit Ignore List’ and type in the poster’s name.
(ii) Click ‘profile’ under a post by the offending ( or offensive) poster and click on ’ Add [poster] to your ignore list’.

You should note, however, that it is expressly forbidden under board rules to give any indication of who, if anyone, is on your list.

How does that work? Can you no longer see any of their posts?

When you come across one of their posts, instead of their text you see

“This poster is on your ignore list”

There is also a “Click Here” link to view the post in a pop-up window.

Oh look, apparently it makes it say “This poster is on your ignore list”.

Heh heh… just kidding Homebrew.

How can you pit someone with such impeccable culinary taste?

I like zenster, and his posts, although I wil admit it does seem like sometimes he is posting in an “altered” state. :smiley: (Hey, zen- come on, you can admit it, is this true?)

I read the butting in line thread, and paid attention to zenster’s posts. Then I re-read the above second rate rant. I admit I am whooshed.

Eh, you might change your mind if you ever met him.


Plus, I impeccable culinary taste doesn’t require one be an insufferable food snob.