I'm Up So I Might As Well Start The MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 29 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 54 and N.O.S. for the day. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 60 and the high Wednesday is supposed to be 40. As doggio says, weather by Sybil. Today I shall spiff da cave and tonight is men’s night over to the church house so I shall head over there to set up around fiveish. Always a fun time. So what’s everybody else up to this week?

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, cave purtification and defilthyfycation shall commence. Rah. At some point I must also purtify I reckon.

Hijack away!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Second; ummm, I mean your MMP. :o

Yes, you do. :stuck_out_tongue:

::Reported for merge::

At first I didn’t think this had posted because I got timed out. Now I see it did indeed post. Dope be weird this mornin’!

Morning everyone. Or good night in Tokyo. Landed here two hours ago, it’s about 9:22 pm right now.

Ignoring my beloved for the moment lets clean up last week first:

No – that would be the Pittsburgh Pipers/Condors and the Minnesota Timberwolves although they never played each other. :wink:
And in case you were wondering ------- Hornets. Although as much as you enjoy warm places you probably never heard of them.


Hi Honey ---- I’m home!

Now to answer your question — 5’11" and I really don’t expect to get taller at this point. :wink:
This week is mostly going to be work and bunkering in from the weather. We’re supposed to get light snow until Wednesday over our current ice; just enough to make the roads really interesting. We are getting a killer crop of potholes; large and deep. Bad enough that even if we get a warm spell and the ice goes away I may have to avoid the Sportster until the patch crews get out there. Some places around us are even starting to eat car tires.

Flashing back to some of those old Sonny Bono anti-drug films.


Cleaning and doing tons of laundry. A not so wonderful way to spend a holiday.

Until this gets cleared up, please post in this MMP. I declare it to be the official (well, as official as we get) MMP. So mote it be.