I'm with Alice Cooper: no more Mr. Nice Guy

Thursday I get a call from a woman claiming to be a friend of a co-worker. She said the co-worker thought I might be able to solve a computer problem (installing an ethernet card and hooking up a cable modem). She was willing to pay me for said service. I figured, why not, I can always use the extra cash. Oh, by the way, I live in Distant-town about 30 miles away. No problem, I say.

The next day at work, co-owrker apologizes for not calling me first and asking if it’s okay to have friend call me. I say, again, no problem. Co-worker’s friend calls me and gives me directions. Instructions are clear enough and I tell her I’ll leave Sunday morning at 11am. On the road I go. The instructions were dead on the money and I find the friend’s house. It’s about 11:50am.

What I did NOT find what was the friend. No car. No repsonse to numerous knocks on the door. No note on the door.

Well, this sucks. Maybe they went to the store or something at the last minute, so I’ll wait a few minutes. in the hot sun. in my at-the-moment-un-air-conditioned car. I mean, it’s only 90 degrees and there’s no shade.

Thirty minutes and four gallons of sweat later, I say, screw this, and I head back home.

I didn’t leave a note. When I got home, there was no message on the machine. I am officially “not here” for the rest of the day. Tomorrow at work, I will be civil (as always) to cow-orker. And, no, I don’t think I’ll try again to go to the friend’s house.

She can take her computer to Best Buy or some such place and they can ream her out for the simple service she needs.

Sounds like a good plan.

People who don’t keep appointments at all, or who are unpunctual are major gripe of mine. I own a house, and live upstairs, renting the first floor out. Whenever I put an ad in the paper to rent it, and get calls from potential renters, I can expect that about one in three will actually show up as we arranged, to look the place over. At least I’m at home though, not in another town.

Not leaving a note was classy. I’d have been tempted to leave a snarky “Where were you?” note.

Won’t you feel silly when Tuesday’s paper has her obituary in it? “Local woman dies alone at home Saturday night…body found Monday afternoon”

You have to let us know tomorrow what the excuse given was.

Talked to cow-orker today. She said friend called her and figured that, since I didn’t show up (!!!), I must have been busy, it being Father’s Day and all. She also assumed I was going to call before I left. I explained that wasn’t what we agreed on. I had her phone numbers and was only to call if I could not find her house.

The friend apologized (via the cow-orker) and said she would go with Earthlink instead because it’s cheaper. :confused:

I tried to explain that that would not solve her probelm with the ethernet card (she installed it, but the computer wouldn’t recognize it) because Earthlink was a dialup service and the reason it’s “cheaper” is that they have a limit on access time (at leat they did the last time I checked) and they would charge her for any overtime access she used (she has a teenaged daughter who is the primary user and would likely go over the fixed time limit) and it would probably cost her more.

Oh well, so much for that.

What a bitch. I hate people who let other people down when they are expected to be someplace…whether that means standing them up, being late, not RSVPing to invitations, or whatever.

Mr Blue Sky, you should bill the “friend” for travel time and trouble. Gas money, at the very least. :smiley:

My cow-orker came to me and insists on paying me for gas money. I did the old, “well, if you insist” bit.

No need to be uncivil, you know

It really isn’t the gas money (I may have used 2 gallons of gas = $4), it’s more the time. Too bad there isn’t a way to get my 2 hours back.

There was a short film I saw on PBS a few years ago that used this premise. It was called “The Price of Life”. Hours & minutes were the currency in this uneasy future. You could live for hundreds of years if you were clever and resourceful enough.

Good. Now I hope she reams her buddy for not being there.

That sounds like the excuse of someone who doesn’t care one bit about someone else’s time. When I used to deliver charity calendars, we would call first to make sure someone was there, that they knew the amount they owed, and that I would be making the delivery and picking up the money within the next half-hour. I couldn’t believe the number of people that still weren’t home, after all that preparation.

I think there will be a special level of hell for these people - a level where they have an appointment to see someone about getting out of hell, but every time they go to the appointment, nobody is there. Ha.

And the fun continues:

Cow-orker gives me $20 for gas (way more than I used, but it’ll fill the tank and I ain’t complaining). Her friend STILL wants me to come out and hook up the cable modem! She promises better communication this time.

Say yes and don’t show up!
Well, it’s tempting, isn’t it?

No no, he didn’t show up (!!!) last time. He can’t do that to her again!

:rolleyes: :wink: