In this era of cell phones, who leaves written notes for their spouse?

(Background: there’s a shopping mall near me that’s running advertising aimed at women, (offering specials at the women’s shops ) while all the men in the country are sitting in front of the TV watching the football games. The ads are billboards showing a note stuck to the refrigerator , in a woman’s handwriting.
The notes say things like:
“Bob–I hope the game goes into overtime, because I’m off shopping at the mall”.
Or: “Dave–the beer’s in the fridge, and I’m at the mall 'till it’s over”

So I got wondering—who still sticks notes on the 'fridge for their spouse?

A few years ago, people thought it was normal to be out of communication for an hour or two, and didnt worry. But the cell phone has changed the whole psychology of how we stay in contact with our families.
IF you leave the house unexpectedly, do you leave a note for them to find, or do you call your spouse on the cell phone? If you get delayed and won’t be home when expected, do you use your cell from inside the car to tell your spouse you are sitting in a traffic jam on 45th street? Or do you just come home 45 minutes later than usual?

When was the last time you left a note for your spouse?

Not my spouse, but I frequently leave notes for my best friend/roommate Hamish. For one thing, he doesn’t have a cellphone. For another, even if he did, there are things that can wait till he gets home. It’s usually phone messages I’ve taken. Another case in which cellphones would be useless are when I need to leave him a message when I go to bed for him to read in the morning.

I leave notes for my husband all the time, when I leave unexpectedly. If I’m leaving on something he knows about, no note.

In our case, it’s because he works graveyard shift, and a call would wake him up, but he’d still like to know where I am, if he wakes up early or such.

For the traffic jam, it would depend. If 45min late is still within his sleeping time, no call. If it’s after he wakes up, but not much, no call. If he’s awake, I’ll call.

Both McDeath_the_Mad and I leave notes for each other … I love it!

Lady Lacha & myself also don’t have cellphones. I leave the house before she awakens, so I always leave a note for her if something needs to be communicated. Likewise, she usually comes to bed after me, so she’ll leave me notes to read in the morning when I get up & she’s still asleep.

I don’t own a cellphone, and neither does my spouse. We find them pretty irritating and unnecessary (for us; if our lifestyle changes and they would come in handy, we would probably get a couple.) That said, there’s a little pink post-it note in my husband’s lunch, there’s a yellow one on the fridge for him, and a purple one stuck to my computer to me from him, to remind me to put the computer up for sale. These were all written today. We don’t use them every day, but we do use them frequently - probably three times a week. I always leave one behind when I go out, and he does the same for me.

We share one cell phone. I leave notes if I’m leaving unexpectedly, mostly because I know I’ll forget to call him or I’ll be too involved in what I’m doing to think of it.

Plus, he doesn’t know the number of the cell phone. I’d have to write it down for him.

Sometimes I leave him a love note in his coffee cup.

My mother leaves notes for my dad. Usually, it is when she is going out for the evening, or part of it, and he is expected home wanting dinner before she will be back. She writes him a note with a menu on it. He has a cell phone, but it wouldn’t accomplish the same thing–leaving a written message so he knows what he’s supposed to eat.

Incidently, my mother only recently got a cell phone. Dad calls home before he leaves work. if she’s on the phone, he then calls the cell phone. Everyone’s happy.

I leave notes for hubby and the kids all the time. Just this morning I left a handwritten note for my niece, who’s being the summer chaueffer.

When hubby goes out of town, sometimes I leave little notes in his luggage.

I hate cell phones.

My wife knows I detest getting calls during my commute home from work because to me you’re just asking for an accident to happen. So she’ll just leave a note saying she’s gone to the store, for a walk, etc.

Also, whenever one of us leaves town, we’ll stick little “I love you” notes on the other’s pillow, remote control, toothpaste, etc. so they can find them during the week. Does that count?

I leave notes for the SO. I was badgered into getting a cellphone, but it’s for me to call on, not for people to call me. I mean, I’ve called him occasionally but only because I was late home or whatever…if I know what I need to say in advance, I leave a note, sure.

I used to leave little love notes around the apartment for my wife when we were engaged that she would find throughout the day (in the fridge, in her car, in the medicine cabinet, etc.)
I remember going out of town on business one time and calling her. She had found most of the messages but I told her there was one more. She said she didn’t find it. I told her not to worry cause she would find it before she went to sleep that night. It drove her crazy and she tore the place apart looking for that note. When she finally gave up and went to bed she found it, placed neatly in between her pillow and it’s pillow case.

My ex and I used to leave each other lots of notes in the style of William Carlos Williams. Yes, we were fabulously nerdy together. Stuff like:

This is just to say
I drank
your beer
which was sitting
in the fridge

and which
you were probably saving
for the hockey game

forgive me
it was delicious
so beery
and so
Other people did indeed think we were quite mad.

McWife and I call each other on the cell all the time during the day; she calls me when she’s home working on a project (balancing the checkbook, weeding the garden, etc) and there’s some information she needs from me to complete it (did I pay the mortgage this month, where did I leave the garden tools, etc). I call her on her cell to check on her & the kids because she always has it on her and if she’s outside or something, she won’t miss the call.

She also leaves me notes if she won’t be home by the time I get home, or some such. So I guess we do both.

We mostly call, but we often leave notes if we don’t want to wake the other one up or if we know the other one is somewhere out of cell phone range or unavailable (like a doctor’s office) and it’s not something urgent. For a while we had to leave notes about who’d fed the dogs because they are liars, I tell you, liars :smiley: and would sucker multiple meals out of people, but we’ve got that problem resolved now.

Mostly we leave notes if it’s information that needs to be saved. Although in that case we often send emails.

If it’s an emergency, we call. The boyfriend and I, that is. We both have cell phones but I don’t like being interrupted at work and he works through a hiring-hall union so he works odd, changing hours. I usually leave him a note first thing in the morning detailing things we’re doing that evening or things I’d like him to take care of for me while I’m at work. I don’t like him to leave notes because he has the world’s worst handwriting (worse than mine) and can’t figure out how to use my computer well enough to type one out. He usually calls if he’s going out and he knows it’s a dead part of the day for me.

I have a cell phone mostly because I drive a lot and I’m terrified of getting into a one-car accident in the middle of nowhere at night and having no way of getting help. It’s happened to me before, and it’s scary. :slight_smile:


I love that poem. I am stealing your idea shamelessly for my own personal use. (In fact, I was thinking of writing a poem to you about the theft, but I’m cravenly afraid of the critics on the SDMB.)

In answer to the question, my husband and I occasionally leave informational notes for one another, but mostly we use cell phones. He leaves me a handwritten note at least once a week, though. I attend a chorus rehearsal on Monday nights an hour away from our home (yes, we live in the boonies; why do you ask?) and get home pretty late. He is always asleep, but he leaves me a love note to read when I get in. Every week.

You are thinking that I do not deserve this man. You are right.

My girlfriend left two notes for me today. The note I found when I came home for lunch reminded me to call maintenance about our garbage disposal, and the one she put in my closed laptop asked me to put the laundry in the dryer. They were both very sweet, and I would have completely forgotten a cell phone message.

and I
am now
quite drunk

I write things lilke that, too :wink:

I don’t own a cel phone, and my wife’s is for her business, so I can usually count on her going days before she gets the message (she’ll usually see I called and call me back without checking it).

So, if I’m going somewhere and need to let her know something when she comes home from work, I always leave a note on a notepad, usually right at the foot of the stairs where she’ll see it when she opens the front door. She’ll do the same for me.