Indications That We Are Living In the End of Days

Inspired by this thread, what evidence would you offer that we are living at the end of days?

I’ve got:

  • Inflationary fuel prices.
  • Nipple tassels at the Super Bowl half time show.
  • Lady Gaga.
  • Imminent release of the 8th Harry Potter film, a series devoted to promoting witchcraft.
  • Charlie Sheen is clearly possessed by a demon.
  • The US president’s name references both a brutal dictator, and the world’s most wanted terrorist (if you slur a bit). Nameology clearly proves people with the same or similar names have nearly identical personalities.
  • Women being allowed to drive automotive vehicles.

Clearly, armageddon is almost upon us, but what other portents have I missed?

I blame it all on that pimpy-eyed Presley boy.

  • America electing a Kenyan to the Presidency.

  • A blue moon is coming in 2014

  • Twilight and all things related to Twilight

  • Apple is earning more than Microsoft

Donald Trump is considering running for President of the United States.

Satan is already here in the person of Glenn Beck.

Girl Scout cookies are now $4.00/box.

My Jesus taco crumbled into unrecognizable bits.

I saw a cloud in the shape of The Beast. Or maybe Newt Gingrich.

Straight Dope has yet to become required reading in school.

Teen Mom’s Tv show.


They preselected for young women who were unstable, who’s lives were swirling with drama and dysfunction, for tv ratings. Further, they poured money and fame, (the most addictive substances ever found), on them, insuring the train wreck comes hard and fast. And America eats it up, it gets ratings, media coverage and turns these, soon to be strippers, whores and drug addicts, into amusement for the masses. There are babies involved, and still, no one cares, as long as it sells advertising. And you thought radical Islam was barbaric!

More blatant exploitation, of the vulnerable, for profit, I simply cannot image.

Some of these sound like they would be a better fit for indications that we are about to enter the dawn of Idiocracy…

Sarah Palin

“For it came to pass that many signs of the end times were upon them, and they did heed not. For the Wikidleaks were upon the people and they did not see, or cry out and rend their garments, nor was there gnashing of teeth. The Owners of the great business houses and the great banks did taketh the money, and they did run, and then they asketh for more money, and did smile. And visions of naked women and men would rideth metal wires into the houses, and they were seen, and there was no shame, And Opera did endeth her show, so that she may have many shows under her eyes, and the people were gladdened by this. And the empires of the earth did say unto each other, outsourceth unto me, and I shall send ye gold and gems. And the poeple of the nations did seeketh mcjobs, for they too were outsourced. And Justin Berber did sell the shoes of his feet for much gold, even though they were worn and smelled of the stench of his feet.”
I say unto you, take heed of these portents of the end times, and sendeth your money unto me, for it shall taint ye in the eyes of the lord."
1st Greedalocians 15


And their satanic brethren, soprano saxophones.


Hey this is like one of those Onion Statshots.

☛ Popular uprisings across the Arab world

☛ Devastating floods, earthquakes, droughts

☛ TV show called OMG! with Peaches Geldof makes it to air

☛ Mayans might have been out by one

☛ Desk calendar almost out of pages

Full Metal Lotus, you’re in the running for Post Of The Year.

$3.50 in front of my local Randall’s last week. So maybe the end times are put off one more year in Texas.

Signs of the End of Days. Not causes.

From the computing world:
There’s a Unix variant (Linux) on IBM mainframes.
What’s more:
[li]It isn’t owned by IBM.[/li][li]It’s compatible with everything else in the Unix world.[/li][li]IBM sells support for it.[/li][li]IBM supports its use in conjunction with VM.[/li][/ul](The fact it’s freely available is minor compared to those shockers.)

Solaris is freely available and runs on commodity PCs.

The current Macintosh OS has real multitasking.

Designing your website just for MSIE is no longer a viable strategy.

“And Hayden Panettiere did putteth her nether garments on the market, but did calleth off the sale before any bids were submitteth.”

And he was on Rush Limbaugh and was disagreeing with him…and Rush didn’t like his talking point - which was that we need to drastically cut down on outsourcing as it is hurting America.

{Shudder} Trump actually sounded reasonable {Shudder}