Inspired by cainxinth's thread:what celebrity would you:fuck? make love to?

IMO, the two are VERY different

F:Mariah Carey
MLT:Michelle Kwan

ohh… come on… the game is
fuck, marry, and kill…

and you are supposed to give choices…

like I ask you…
You have… Brittney Spears, Liz Hurley, and Anna Kornikova…

who would you fuck… who would you marry… and who would you kill???

I would marry Britt…
Fuck Liz… and kill anna… unfortunatly…

My answer to both is the same two women: Christina Ricci and Thora Birch
panting Mmmm

I’d make love to John Mayer. Is it possible to be in love with a man I’ve never met? :smiley: If so, this is definitely the case with John and I.

As for some quick shagging, I’ll go with Boris Kodjoe. Man, he is hot! ::salivates::

I was just saying the same thing yesterday actually…
I am not gay whatsoever… but John mayer is a sexy bitch…

maybe because I worship his talent on guitar…
I learned how to Neon yesterday… and it amaizes me what that man does with a guitar… so much talent

i mean to say …
I learned how to play… Neon…
my bad

Mr. Pinsky, is that you? :smiley:

F: Jennifer Garner

MLT: Jennifer Connelly

Mr. Pinsky.


F: Jessica Alba
MLT: Jennifer Love Hewitt

What can I say, I like brunettes :slight_smile:

F: Britney Spears, Shakira, Selma Hayek, LeAnn Rimes, Tyra Banks, preferably all at the same time :smiley:

MLT: Gillian Anderson

F: Ewan McGregor

MLT: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman (yep, in a NY minute)
(I hope this doesn’t double-post, I am getting server errors…)

F: Christina Aguilara, no contest for me.

MLT: I’ll stay with Halle Berry from the other thread

Why am I apparently the only straight girl who has posted to this thread?


Oh wait, sorry MeanOldLady! My bad!

But seriously, is it because nice girls don’t post to threads like this? Uh oh…

Nope, nice girls wouldn’t touch a thread like this…

Looks like we’re bad girls, EJ. And uhh, merge, what’s this about you knowing how to play Neon? How YOU doin’?

There’s only one celebrity for me. I’d do whatever he wanted. Fuck, make love to, whatever else sick twisted thing you can think of. James Marsters

Having met the man and felt his hot, tight little body…well…what can I say? I’m in love. :wink:

Fuck: Matthew McConaughey
Make sweet sweet romantic-style love: Jack Black.

Jack Johnson I would make love to. And I’m not the sort of girl to get crushes on celebrities. But every time I hear him…Same vein as John Mayer. But at least twice as good, in my opinion, because he’s a surfer.

F: Rose McGowan

MLT: Jennifer Connelly