Internet radio options ?

I’d like to listen to Internet radio, 'coz my local station has very limited fare.

I used to love , but I went to it yesterday and it’s been bought over by AOL. I downloaded it anyway, and liked the songs, but it’s got a per-day limit. I also found the sound quality a bit “steely”.

Is there any other good Internet radio option? Preferably free, no spyware, etc.


Shoutcast seems to be one of the big ones. And if there’s a specific type of programming you’re after, you can always go to Google and type in “%that kind of music% radio”.

Shoutcast. Definately. Get Winamp 5, and the media library has a great way to access shoutcast stations. If you’re looking for more obscure ones, you can always go to and just search. At any given moment there’s at least one station for ANY type of music possible. It’s great.

Cool. I was just trying out Yahoo’s Launch Cast right now. Much better sound quality as compared to NetscapeRadio.

I’ll try out Shoutcast as well. I’m mainly looking for Country and Soft Rock.

Does Casey Kasem’s AT40 still play on any radio station ?

iTunes has a bunch of online stuff I have liked. They’re free, too.

There’s also Last.FM which builds a personalized profile of what you listen to and plays music based on that.

I’ve become a big fan of Epitonic .

You can play up to 500 tracks, selecting the various styles of music you want to listen to, or you can create a playlist of actual songs.

Sound quality is excellent, and they have a pretty extensive selection of songs/styles to choose from.

Shoutcast doesn’t have a speed garage station. :mad:

I’m not sure of this is what you’re looking for, but it might be worth considering: