Into the Pit with you, again, David Kupelian

From this Forbes article about Brokeback Mountain and its list of Golden Globe nominations:

Hmm…let’s see if I can think of some other roles played by attractive and popular young Hollywood actors…

Nope, I can’t think of a single one. You must be onto something, David!

Such a nice, strong, biblical name, “David”. Makes me want to take off my shoes and be simultaneously enlightened and impregnated by a balding pillar of virtue…

From his WorldNetDaily site:

Oh how you make me long for the good old days, David. When the world was flat, women menstruated as punishment for Original Sin, and maggots would spontaneously generate from rotting meat…the way God intended it.

To you, David, and to those who listen to what you have to say, I thank you for giving me countless reasons to wake each day and rage against the machine.

No, just purple monsters eating people.

Actually, it’s monsters eating purple people. Violent, and racist!

You have to love the logic employed here (and in the rest of the column)though: “No one told me about it, therefore it WASN’T THAT WAY.” Which later morphs into “What they’re saying makes me feel icky, THEREFORE THEY’RE EVIL.” Awesome.

But that’s not the reason that the monster came to land.

He wants to get a job in a rock and roll band.

He forgot a bit of the story.

Like no black people at his school, and no blacks at the lunch counter. Hispanics stayed in the yard and Asian folks simply did not exist. Like women couldn’t get credit cards and needed their husbands approval to get a job. Girls died from illegal abortions. I am sure there is more, but I’m tired.

I bet he believes in George Washington and the apple tree.

Should someone fill in him about Santa?

Sure they did, in the laundromats!

People then didn’t think rock and roll was so harmless. They censored some songs and performances, and tried to keep kids and teens from being exposed to it, just like some people try to do with gangsta rap today. Songs were censored or banned for such things as referring to prostitution, drugs, alcohol, or sexual double-entendres. One instrumental song was banned by radio stations because its title, Rumble, was “suggestive of teenage violence”. People of that time objected to new songs on pretty much the same grounds that people today object to songs.

Someone like him could have very easily written a book like his in the 1950’s, or probably pretty much any time in human history, in any culture. And, in 50 years or so, when someone like him does write a book saying how much better things were at the turn of the 21st century, less hysterical people will cite his book and others like it as evidence that people now didn’t all think things were so wonderful.

I remember those too, David. So fucking what? I remember Superman in glorious black and white, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Sky King too. Like I said, so fucking what? This guy is a putz.

Ooooh yeah. Spot on.
A nice collection of quotes from grumpy elders through the ages
Same shit, different shovel. Where’s the :yawn, move along, nothing to see here: smiley?

I like the way he says “compelling story” and then ignores the fact.

Nitpick: It was a cherry tree.

Shouldn’t that be VIOLET and racist?

And he didn’t eat people if they were too tough.

Heh. I grew up in this wonderful time. We were all sure we were going to get incinerated by the Russkies at any minute, and if that didn’t happen, the juvenile delinquents were going to get us.

What’s highly ironic is that one of the main points of what he’s saying is that various groups have promoted evil things in our culture by making them appear to be good.

He should ask his priest or minister what his church’s current views are on murder, stealing land (and other things), robbing graves, kidnapping and enslaving people, rape, adultery, deceptive business practices, and cutting people’s hands or feet off if they don’t mine enough gold for you. I suspect his church takes a dim view of that sort of thing, and might even label those activities evil. All of those things were done by various early white explorers of the Americas, who says our culture should portray as good.

Hypocrisy, thy name is David Kupelian.

There’s too much violets in America today. And isn’t violet one of them GAY colors? Just a hair off mauve and/or fuchsia, I believe, and those are DEFINITELY gay colors.

Yep. With zip guns and switchblades. But we didn’t mind because they were going to smoke reefer and then crash their drag racers. Ahhh, good times…

And yet this idyllic time still managed to spawn this intolerant fuck. So, I guess it was a mixed blessing? I’m confused…

Jeez, what a sweet little bubble this guy lived in as a kid. I guess ignorance really is bliss.

OK, that’s pretty scary – they’re putting people in jail for saying “Under God”? Wow! Apparently the liberal media isn’t reporting on this.

Well of course they are. I mean you who do you think they’re putting in those secret jails in eastern Europe? Muslims?