Introducing myself.

LOUNE recommended that I start a thread over here introducing myself.

I’m 26, male, and am the black sheep in a family of black sheep.

My username is an old nickname given to me by friends since I have a tendency to state the obvious.

I love cartoons, horror, scifi, anime, fantasy, and comedy. (Both reading and watching.) I never go anywhere without a book in my hand.

I’ve been a burger flipper, carpenter, general maintenance man, retail manager (going back to this soon, I hope), and live in housekeeper/babysitter. (In that order.)

I love playing just about any sport, but abhor professional sports.

Unlike most people, I prefer Star Wars ep 1-3 over 4-6.

I’m a night owl stuck in a morning person’s body. This leads to wonderful bouts of insomnia.

Unfortunately I still live with my mom (hence the live in housekeeper/babysitter.) I’m technically on sick leave until I go 1 year without having a petit mal seizure. Both my doctor and my employer insist on this. (7 months and counting without one.)

My sense of humor can be odd at times, especially when I’m using it to deal with grief, stress, or both together.

I can remember tons of useless trivia, yet important things have to be written down or I’ll forget them. (For example, I can remember that when The Simpsons was on WB, it aired at 8pm eastern on Thursday nights, moving to 8pm eastern Sunday nights when Fox got the rights. However, I cannot remember for the life of me what my current address is, and I’ve lived here nearly 3 years, and have filled out thousands of pages requiring it.)

My favorite shows are House, Buffy, and MAS*H. (Those are just the top 3, there’s dozens more.)

Can’t really think of anything else, though I’d be more than happy to answer any questions.

Anyone who is a fan of MASH is a friend of mine. I must ask a follow up though, BJ Hunnicutt, or Trapper John?

Where is the damned goat?

Welcome to the SDMB.

SSG Schwartz

It’s in room 200. The first floor had to get a good bleachin’ and cleanin’. There’s all sorts of newbie guts there.
I mean…good…to see…you here!

Hello. My name is Askeptic and I’m an …oops wrong thread…

Welcome. You’ll love it here.

Easy, Hunnicut. Trapper was good and all, but he’s no Hunnicut. (I also prefer Sherman to the guy who died over the ocean. Can’t remember his name now.)

As for the goat, is it the fainting kind? Those are a blast to play with.

Is there a correlation between your seizures and your short-term memory loss?

That was LTC Henry Blake. I would also assume you prefer Winchester to Burns.
Also, as a warning, we will not have you playing weird games with the goat. Be nice to the goat and it will be nice to you, if you know what I mean.

SSG Schwartz

It’s quite possible. Neither started until I had spent a month with a fever that went as high as 104.5, and never lower than 103. That came about due to major infections after surgery to removed my ruptured appendix.

I’m torn on whether I liked Winchester or Blake better. I would have loved to see the two of them played off against one another.

I promise, nothing weird with the goat. (Just fyi, I grew up in rural Ga. What’s weird to you might not be weird to me. :P)

Welcome, welcome, Cap’n Obvious!

Your introductory buffet will be held in Room 207. Please come this way. :slight_smile:

Buffet? Woohoo!

It doesn’t have seafood does it?

Er, actually it does. But the seafood is completely-optional.

Yeah, that’s it. “Optional.” :: noddle ::

Welcome and all that.

I’m never going to remember all that about you.

Your name will make me think of this.

Yeah, but welcome anyway.

“Buffet”? Geez, people still fall for that?

:: trying to keep the goat quiet in 207 ::

That’s alright, I probably won’t remember I even made this post in a couple of weeks.

On an aside, that link is for my favorite cereal.

Now, what’s this about room 207? And what’s that smell?

why is it everytime I read “Buffet” I think Jimmy?

Welcome Cap’n
Good choices on those favorite TV shows
As for the seizures - jeez that sucks - I’m sure you’ve been through several revamps/readjustments of your meds - My neice-in-law went through that for years, until she moved out of her mom’s house (when she married my nephew in 2001) and the seizures became less and less frequent and AFAIK she hasn’t had one at all in over four years . . . does your mom constantly dote on you, telling you what not to do because it will aggrevate your condition?
Now, if you’re the black sheep in an all black sheep family - doesn’t that make you the nice, sensible, responsibleboringone? :wink:

Wasn’t me!

Mr Bus Guy, I am offended. “Fall for that”? All I am doing is extending the [del]tentacle[/del]hand of friendship to a new member with a light yet refreshing arrangement of delectable foodstuffs, and you take it as a ruse? A stratagem to place the new member in our power and wreak a terrible welcome upon him or her? Where is your trust in humanity, sir? Where is your faith in our better natures?

“Fall for that.” With untrustful attitudes like that, mariners would still be leaving their ware on the beaches of Greek islands and scampering fearfully back to their ships to hide as they watched the islands’ inhabitants make their frightened way down to see what was laid out for them. Whereas now, trader and customer meet face to face, strike an honest deal, and both go home satisfied.

“Fall for that.” With untrustful attitudes like that, passers-by would be afraid to say hi to each other in the streets. Teachers would be afraid to hug the children that come to them for comfort and aid. Politicians would be afraid to pour out their hopes and dreams to their peoples as they battled for reelection.

I hope that we shall, indeed, “fall for that”, and much more, as we make our way in the world. I hope that we shall fall for dreams of a better world. I hope that we shall fall for the ideals that will help us improve our existing world. I hope that we shall fall for love and decency and caring and friendship.

And most of all, Mr Bus Guy, I hope that we shall fall for the vision of a better future. For without vision, the people perish.

Your name gives you away,** Stinky**.

Sunspace, you got the KY jelly? The goat is getting ornery!

No, I thought you had it. You know I usually handle the more… cephalopodous… end of things.