Is anyone else watching Weeds on Showtime?

I love it so far. It funny, sad and maybe a bit too real. I can’t decide if I love or hate Elizabeth Perkin’s character, Celia. I do know I’d like to do. . . things to Romany Malco-- I’d love it if his Conrad and Mary-Louise Parker’s Nancy developed a romance.
I missed the first 15 minutes of the first show (yes, even though they play it a million times a week AND I have Showtime on Demand) so if anyone knows how Nancy’s husband died and if they had a happy marraige (it seems as if they did) please tell me.

The Official Site for those interested.

I started out skeptical but am quickly turning into a fan of this show. Each episode sucks me in just a little more. I’ve never particularly been a fan of Mary-Louise Parker or Kevin Nealon so when I saw they were on it, I didn’t have the highest of hopes. It’s turning out to be a pretty well-written series however, sadder and more on the dramatic side of things than I had anticipated. It’s worth giving a chance, IMO.

Sorry that I don’t know the answer to your question about the father though.

I’m digging this show. Mondays may not be the best day for a show about weed, but what does help is the music. I listened to the stuff on the website, and really dug it.

I don’t think they explained how her husband died, but I think they were happy.

Me too, it made me pull out my Malvina Reynolds songbook.

I loved the scene with the Ambien though, I was spacing and took me a couple minutes to put it altogether, but when I got it, it was hilarious.

Don’t tell me it has Malvina Reynolds songs. Ugh. World’s most annoying folksinger ever!

“Little Boxes” is the theme song…

I believe the husband is supposed to have died of a heart attack while jogging.

What the hell is ticky-tacky, anyway? And when are they going to get rid of the awful theme song?

I, too, hate the theme song. A lot.

(Pronunciation Key)tick·y-tack·y Listen: [ tk-tk ]

Shoddy material, as for the construction of standardized housing.
Made of shoddy material; cheaply built.

a. Marked by a mediocre uniformity of appearance or style: ticky-tacky rows of look-alike houses. b. Tawdry; tacky.

This sounds like something I’d like.

I could check the site but I’d rather ask you guys – is there anything on Showtime besides Weeds that’s worth subscribing for?

Penn and Teller’s Bullshit is the reason I subscribed (although the season just ended).

Agreed on the Bullshit. Also Huff, which starts its second season soon.

I record the show on my DVR and I am getting royally pissed off…I don’t know if it is Showtime or my cable provider, but the damned show cuts off about a minute at the end every time I record it.

I have seen every episode, but probably only because there ain’t a whole lot out there to watch during the summer. I am not wowed by the show, but some of the side stories are funny…sort of a “Desperate Housewives” neighborhoodish thing going on.

Happy marriage, husband died while jogging with the younger son on (i think) the son’s birthday.

I like, however, how could Celia not know what kind of dope to buy? She strikes me as someone who would research these things on the internet before deciding to sell weed for a living.

Also how did she meet her dealer?

I believe the main character’s name is Nancy. Celia is the bitter, manipulative, husband-shaving neighbor.

And I don’t know how she met her dealer. That’s a good question.

Really? I love the theme song. But I can see not liking it in a few episodes… (I even went to the website and listened to the whole song)

I don’t think Nancy did a lot of research on types of weed, I think she probably got into the business out of desperation.
It’s an intersting timeline for the show, we are in it just after the beginning, so we seem to have missed a lot, but are moving forward. I’ve heard the brother makes the show even better… I hope so…

In the words of Folk Music Comic Book Guy

“Worst … Folk … Song … Ever” That song makes me visibly wince when I hear it. I hate Malvina Reynolds voice and I think the song is incredibly pretentious. Sorry, she didn’t like tract housing and people going to college. But hey, that’s life after World War II. We can’t all be cantankerous folk musicians.

I suppose I can watch the show and just fast forward through the opening titles.

The upcoming Sleeper Cell has been accumulating some heavy buzz.