Is it safe?

Well? Is it?

Depends, have you ever ridden on a human head before?

compared to what ?

[Dustin Hoffman] Yes - it’s so safe you wouldn’t believe it![/Dustin Hoffman]

Now give me the damned Anbesol!



Is it secret?

[Ford Prefect]

It, is perfectly safe.

It’s us that’s in danger.

[/Ford Prefect]

“Look, I just want to buy some smokes!”

If it were safe, we wouldn’t be doing this.

No one lives forever, it’s said.
Certainly we’ll soon all be dead.
So just stay in bed,
and pull the covers up over your head.

Yes, but it’s an antique pie safe.

If by “safe” you mean “unlikely to get you pregnant” then yes. It’s perfectly safe.
Just don’t rub its belly.

Of *course * it’s safe.

Bloody alarmist.

Yeah … Go ahead … pick it up …

Thanks for reminding me - I gotta call and reschedule my dental checkup.

It’s not safe to even talk about it…


Well, now I have no reason to be here.

It’s never safe when I’m around. Especially if you decide to call me ‘cute’.

What’r you doin’ with that drill?

It was safe. It is no longer safe.