Is Seth McFarland Setting Up an April Fool's Joke?

Last night during Family Guy, a commercial played for a movie supposedly coming in July about a teddy bear coming to life. The movie is called Ted. The ad directed viewers to go to a website entitled “ted is real”. I punched it up, but it wants you to register, and I was suspicious to begin with.

The ad was on April Fool’s Day, and “ted is real”? The movie looks really stupid, but that’s no problem for Hollywood these days.

Is Seth McFarland, who supposedly made the movie, setting up a fake movie as an April Fool’s joke? :dubious:

I’m surprised there’s no other thread on this, unless I missed it.

It wants you to register because they’ve got a naughtier trailer and they want to make sure you’re old enough to see it. It includes footage of Mark and Ted hitting the bong, singing the Thunder Song (with lovely lines like, “Fuck you, Thunder, you can suck my dick.”, and what really grossed out the cashier in the grocery store. I hope to god it’s a fake trailer otherwise I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

(Apropos of nothing, Mila Kunis has some lovely demonstrations of vocal fry in the trailer.)

It has an IMDB entry, so if it’s a joke they put a lot of effort into it.

Some cartoon aficionados were hoping it was a joke, as well:

I would assume this is real. By looking at the credits thingy they show at the end of trailers it was written by Seth and two of the main writing staff of Family Guy, also directed by Seth…so it’s probably filled with swears, pot, sex jokes, and things that aren’t really funny.


It’s real. I heard about it quite awhile ago.

Here’s a YouTube link to the trailer. NSFW for lots of salty language.

By the way, and I realize, if my memory isn’t faulty, that I’m asking the wrong crowd, is it just me or does Wahlberg look absolutely ghastly in this movie?

Between this and The Other Guys, Wahlberg should be banned from comedy movies.

Okay, I laughed a couple times. Their banter had a great rhythm to it. And Marky Mark is playing the straight man not the cut up, so it could work.

I was going to say this exact thing, except I would’ve said “a while” as two words, because I’m a pedant.

I also would’ve corrected the OP to spell it “MacFarlane” and then also point out the voice he does is almost exactly Peter Griffin’s, which is disappointing.

I laughed when I saw the trailer. I will watch when it comes to On Demand. I just hope it doesn’t turn all Disney on me half way through the movie.

What, were you expecting Stewie?

Because that’s pretty much all he’s got.

Maybe these pictures of shirtless Marky Mark will help. You’re welcome.

It reminds me a bit of Meet the Feebles, which, and I hope I’m not giving away too much here, does not go all Disney half way through.

No. No, actually that didn’t help at all. Now if you wanna post a link to some pictures of Mila Kunis shirtless, we’ll talk.

I haven’t looked at Ted but am reminded of a previous incident in which I read a list of upcoming movies and was convinced it was a joke list. The list included Striptease (Demi Moore showing off her implants) and Daylight (Stallone escaping from under the Hudson River), both of which sadly turned out to be real.

Poe’s Law has long since spread beyond its original topic of religious fundamentalism. Religion, politics, popular media - in all things the truth has become more ridiculous than fiction.

I hear it more as a cross between Peter and Brian.

Academy Award Film? Of course not; it’s not trying to be.
Stupidly Hilarious? Exactly!

I’m sure there’s a word for people who mock something popular; like they’re the cool kids who are above it all. Hipster is it? I think it’ll be a dumb but fun movie.

Well I LOLed

Quagmire, Tom Tucker, Peter Griffin, Brian, Stewie, what’s the doctor called again? Carter Pewterschmit. as well as many other voices.

Annnnd Stan Smith, and Roger.

Plus he’s daymn good looking.