Is this a bad thing to do?

So let’s say that a person broke up with her bf, because he was leaving to permanently move to Texas soon and was distancing himself from her rather than going through all the complications of dealing with a long-distance relationship, and didn’t want to feel responsible for her moving there to be with him. Now let’s say that this person, after breaking up with the bf, keeps having sex with him. And it’s exciting because it’s bad and naughty and wrong. Is this a bad thing to do?

I don’t just mean in the sense that Sister Marie Clothilde from eighth grade would have meant it (and this person can just see her now!! In the full habit!!!) But is it bad psychologically for either or both parties involved? Is it going to end up having awful effects? Is this person doing the wrong thing?

Not sure this qualifies as a “great question of our time”. Seems more MPSIMSish to me.

That said, as long as the sex is consensual, I see no problem with it. Everybody invovled knows the deal, and apparently accepts it. More power to them.

Here’s an psychological essay on sex-with-your-ex .

ummmm…that’s more than six questions.

Doesn’t sound like you broke up. Are either of you seeing anyone else? If not, I’m afraid the break-up isn’t fully baked yet. And there’s nothing wrong with it, per se. As long as it’s ok for the two of you, it’s ok. Is it dragging out the inevitable? Sure. But it’s not like THAT hasn’t been done before.

Yup, it wasn’t just me. :smiley: