It reached 123 degrees today

According to the bank clock, that is. I think that bank clocks are specifically designed to register 10 degrees colder during the winter and 10 degrees hotter during the summer so that people can complain/brag about how cold or hot it is.

According to, it reached a mere 120.

It’s currently 103, and it’s 10:30 p.m. here. It’s supposed to be 121 tomorrow.

Just had to share.

Jeez…it was only 103 here today.

Oh, well. That’s why we have beer and air conditioning.

Amen to that.

You guys should expect that stuff. Up here in Central NY, where it’s supposed to be always cold, it was frickin’ 100 degrees according to my porch thermometer, for the last 3 days, and actually, for most of the past month. We are just not equipped to deal with that. I have A/C because I am a total wimp and melt in this weather, but all those other poor schmucks are sweating it out… :smiley:

But seriously, last summer it never really broke 90 (which I thought was groovy). This summer, it’s like the surface of the sun, every day. What gives?

Holy crap. It was only 107 here today, and we had sprinkles. I feel lucky.

Hope you didn’t have to go outside much.

It’s been a very pleasant 19C (66F) here today (Thursday).

And I thought 117 was bad…

Darn, you beat me by seven degrees! Well, it was humid, so it felt worse, neener neener. And just you wait till august, when we’ll really get cooking.

[sup]I am not either jealous you took the misery trophy away from me[/sup]

There comes a point, somewhere after 100° that it no longer matters what the thermometer says, it’s then just.fucking. hot.

Woohoo! In your face!

[Brandishes misery trophy, pretends to hit Ashes, Ashes with it, notices that Ashes, Ashes is miserably jealous, realizes that Ashes, Ashes deserves the trophy due to miserable jealousy, and sullenly hands it back to Ashes, Ashes]

Yeah but it’s a dry heat. :stuck_out_tongue:

How 'bout we send u a hurricane to help cool you off?

Yeah, but it’s a DRY heat. At least that’s what they always say.

But I gotta go with RandMcnally.

Hey, RandMcnally, I used to work at you.

[shaking fist]
Damn you, Poonther!
[/shaking fist]

But what is it in summer?

Lemme guess–Lake Havasu?

Officially 120 degrees yesterday here. Today is overcast and sticky, may get up to 117 or so. I remember the day in 1993 when it was 123 degrees in PS - I went to 3 movies just to be inside someplace cool. This summer is gonna be a long one…

Very near Lake Havasu.

Mid 70’s. All day, every day.


117 the other day. Our weather folks, with straight faces, let us know it was going to “cool down” in Las Vegas this week to 106 and 107.

Actually, I love this heat. That’s one of the reasons I moved here.

I just got back from the city of cold herring and hot jazz, where they’ve been having what they call REKORD VARMT. This translates to several days of 80-83°F (mid-to-upper-20s°C) and brilliant sunshine. They’re happy as pigs in slop about it, too.

At least those whose rooms don’t face west and overlook an airless courtyard. Given the typical cool, rainy summer there, a mere electric fan is a rarity. I spent most nights in a pool of sweat until about 3:00am when you finally get some breeze.