It was only a matter of time...the A Team movie

Oh boy, another excruciating television show is being resurrected as the shambling corpse of a Major Motion Picture.

So, the question is: Will you pay your $8 to see this next summer?

Bonus question: Since casting has yet to commence, who would you like to see in the major roles? Can Mr. T possibly be replaced?

And for an extra 10 points: what TV show do you think will be the next to be optioned? I say it’s high time we had a theatrical release of “I Dream of Jeannie”, only switch the genders so the genie is male (possibly played by Tony Danza) and Toni Nelson is a high-powered executive in charge of a lingerie modeling agency. Or something.

I thought they already had an A-Team movie – the last half of Saving Private Ryan. The only thing that seemed different was that some people actually died.

I say get Ice Cube to play B.A. Don’t know if he’d go for it.

Of course the next show to make it will actually be a recent one :

Seinfeld - the movie about nothing

Why can’t Mr. T still play BA? His name is still floating around the gossip columns, and it’s not as if he’s doing anything else right now.

About the next TV show to be “movied”: don’t say it too loudly, but there’s never been a Mr. Ed movie…

In the wake of Survivor, a Gilligan’s Island movie would not suprise me.

for a classic like the A-Team you would have to go for the A-List cast

B.A. Baracus: Current big black dude Michael Clarke Duncan, miscast for sure but Ice T just isn’t big enough right now.

Hanibal Smith: Tommy Lee Jones, same type of cool nonchalance. “i love it when a plan comes together.”

Face: You need a pretty boy… Ben Affleck.

Howling Mad Murdoch: someone able to pull poff being a little insane… Ben Stiller… Jim Carrey…

Actually, according to the IMDB, a Gilligan’s Island movie has been in the works for a while. One of the main things bandied about concerning the possible film is the possibility of Julia-Louis Dreyfus (Seinfeld’s Elaine) portraying Mary-Ann.

Me, I just don’t see it. Dreyfus is too cynical. Sandra Bullock, now THERE’S a Mary-Ann.

Incidentally, love the idea of Tommy Lee Jones as Hannibal and Jim Carrey as Murdock. I can see that.

I pity the fool who tries to tell Mr. T that he might not be B.A. in a film version.

Yah baby! … I am so there … I own that movie! … I will love it and hug it and treat it as my own first born child!!

Who can honestly say they got enough A-Team? … I hunger for more …!!!

Dude! Great suggestions but you forgot the babe, Amy (Irving?) the reporter chick who used to help them. I say Sandra Bullock. And what about Col. Decker, their relentless pursuer? I say James Earl Jones, or Al Pacino for him.

Talked about the topic of resurrecting old TV shows not with my friend not long after seing Lost In Space.

Some titles we picked:

Charlie’s Angels (Being made)

The Partridge Family

The Dukes Of Hazard

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Gilligan’s Island

The Land Of The Lost

Gary Coleman should be B.A. Baracus.

Here’s how I’d see the cast .

Hannibal = Mel Gibson

Face = Pierce Brosnan

B.A. = Ving Raimes

Murdoch = Jim Carry

With the still living original cast members making cameos.

The problem with a big-screen version of this movie is that the show was a parody of the James Bond movies. Now that the Bond films have become self-parody, what would you do with UNCLE? Besides, no one else could ever play Napoleon Solo.

I hear a theatrical version of “The Prisoner” is in development. Chris McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, The X-Men) is writing/directing. Now that will be worth watching, although I’ll mis Leo McKern. Who do you get to play McGoohan’s role?

I think they should get George Peppard back to play Hannibal. I realize they’d have to lure him from beyond the grave, but for what they pay the actors in these “blockbusters”, it shouldn’t be a problem. And think of the publicity!

(The fact that he’d be a zombie might be a slight drawback, but remember, this is a blockbuster. He’d still be more lifelike than Keanu Reeves.)

I think the ideal way to handle this theatrical release is ot take all the episodes, hand them to the guys at ILM with some sort of script, and digitally morph the original cast into a movie. There’s got to be enough material to geth them to say and do whatever the you want in the movie, and think of the savings on paying a bunch of actors, building a bunch of sets, etc.

BTW, that post was sarcastic, but it’s not too far off from the way Lucas is making movies these days"Star Wars I - The Franchise Menace" had plenty of shots where he maniputed the live actors as well as the CGI ones in that way, and he is shooting Episode II (“Star Wars II - A Lower Expectation”) entirely with digital cameras so he can do more of the same.

Rumour has it Mel Gibson is slated.

…of course, we all know about RUMOURS…

Oh gawd, not Mel! Tell me it’s only a bad dream. You have to get a real actor for this. Mel’s been playing the same character for years now. I suggest Russell Crowe or Hugh Jackman.

But Mel Gibson is old enough now to be cerebral in the way that Number Six is supposed to be. Those other two are too young and not seasoned enough. IMO, however, I think if it has to be a name actor, Jeremy Irons would be a fine Number Six.

It’s actually gonna happen.

I’d cast:
Hannibal–Tommy Lee Jones
Murdoch–Jim Carrey
B.A.–maybe M.C. Duncan…I like Ving Rhames, but he just doesn’t fit the role
Face–don’t know