It's a Moving and Grooving MMP!

I always thought Jackie Mason was funny?

More that if they are stranger than I am --------- I would be afraid; very very afraid. :wink:

Happy Moonday!

It’s cloudy and cool today, supposed to rain but so far it hasn’t.
We have to make a grocery run, so I hope it holds off until we get back and get unloaded.

Sah-son is still hurting from his ear infection, but he refuses to go to the doctor.

I hope to never move again. I say that every time I move, though.
I still have stuff at my mother’s house I need to move. Not as much now that she’s not moving, but a few more things.

I hate moving.

Last time we moved, the estimator warned us repeatedly that anything we packed would be moved at our own risk and the insurance wouldn’t cover damage, blah, blah… I told her that I pack to ship, which is a rather higher level of protection than packing to move.

3200 miles later, what’s damaged? Stuff that **they **wrapped up. Even the crystal stemware that I packed made it out alive, despite someone’s attempt to crush the box. By some magic, the smash-in happened at the stems, rather than at the bases or bowls, so all that got damaged was our anxiety level until DH grabbed the box and opened it, finding a dozen perfectly intact goblets. (whew!)

Speaking of moving, I don’t have to move right now. As the fates would have it, our lease expires in a couple of days and the house has been sold to new investors. The investors like me (as well as DH, when they met him a couple of months ago) so I’m renewing for another year. Figure this will give me time to eyeball the local housing market to see if I have any hopes of moving closer to SF or to the Faire site, or if I’ll just renew here again. It was in the news over the weekend that someone in SF got a rent increase from something like $1800 to $8200 per month. Pay up or pack up as there’s a line of tech bros looking for apartments in SF.

I agree. Moving didn’t seem like a chore at all when I finished my last final, threw my possessions in the back of my Tercel and hit the road. Now? Holy Hand Grenades! We both got graduates degrees in subjects with books (me, history, him, computer science). He works from home. Plus we have acquired the replicants. Plus we’ve moved so often recently that we have a fair number of boxes that NEED TO BE SORTED by all that’s holy. I really, really don’t want to move them again. They are not going on the truck. I’m taking them to my folks place, where we’re waiting out our tenants. Any remnants from the great sort will go into a smaller cube or something and get shipped up.

My husband keeps watching “Tiny House” shows, which is great on the one hand, because he is finally getting rid of stuff. It is horrid on the other hand, because he keeps asking me if we could try and live in a 200 sq ft house. N-O. I am too old to climb into a loft every night. These people, for the most part, have done no research and end up with “napkin homes” (you know, you draw them out yourselves on the back of a napkin in the bar after a few drinks).

Do you have a neurologist? If not, you should get one. You sound like me. I think should avoid that. :frowning: Hope you feel better. (Serious about the neurologist)

Pics? Pretty, pretty please? :smiley:

Gotti - Glad you don’t have to move. Just what you didn’t need to deal with right now!

FiL visited this weekend. I like him. He and MiL divorced 40 years ago or so. Lovely man. We had a nice time. Caught up on family news. He played some board games with the kids and we just hung out. It was nice to see him.

Today I have sent Girl Child off to sew camp. She is in advanced quilting now. Her project will be appliqué instead of squares and straight line patterns. They’re going to create a wall hanging piece with leaves or flowers. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Her first year she won the county quilt fair. Her second year she placed (because the first place person hired someone professional to do the actual “quilting” - I hope they change the rules - that seems unfair). I’m glad that she enjoys it. It’s something that my mom and I both like, and several other members of the extended family.

Waiting for the plumber. Other than that, I’m sure something will come to me… :wink:

Guys, I need some help, I think. I went out at lunch with a short list of errands. As I completed one, I got back in the car and decided I would no longer need to do the next one. So I took my list of errands…and threw it away.

Cue me fishing through the trash bag I keep in my car to get my list back out. Just because one item was complete and another was unnecessary didn’t mean I still didn’t need the list!


I notice this thread addresses moving, but not grooving. Does no one here groove??

If I have counted correctly, I have moved 31 times in 47 years. Moving blows! I fully intend to live right here until someone offers me enough money on this land to pay for a nicer home, professional movers, and put some money into the retirement fund. (But if/when that happens, I will cry when a developer cuts down all of my pretty trees.)

The Boy and his roommates are set to move into their 3rd floor flat in August. I volunteered to help. I will bring pizza, cold drinks, and groceries, and they can borrow my truck. 'Cause I’m too old and tired to schlep furniture!

But I think I will spend the next couple of weeks sorting and purging. There’s just so. Much. Stuff. And nowhere to put it. And I get overwhelmed just looking at it.

Perhaps I shall set up the Bluetooth speaker and my old school funk playlist, and groove my way through a couple of closets…


I lived in the same house from ages 4-18. Then I had a few years of moving around before settling with my ex. After, I moved once before coming to Tennessee. I’ve been here 21 years and this is my fifth move counting the one down here.

Since I have ~ six weeks, I’m setting a goal for 1-2 cartons each evening. Some of it will have to wait until

I was grooving to some Fastballyesterday. And now I’ll do it again. :smiley:

Today was another Clean the Stately Turret Day followed by a gullywasher (literally: there’s a new gouge in the driveway) followed by me going outside and de-ivying two more trees. English Ivy is a noxious bastard weed.

It sure has been a Moanday today. Crazy busy.

Ahem. I have been known to groove upon occasion, but not really feelin’ the groove right now. I need a beat!

**BigCat **-I want English ivy! We’ve got a hill that’s a pain in the patoot to mow - we want it to be covered in ivy. But the soil here is crap, so it doesn’t grow well. Dammit.

We went to Olive Garden for supper - soup, salad and breadsticks, and we’s stuffded!! It’s clouding over - hope we get some of the rain we were promised!

I’m going to try to stay up till 10 tonight in the hopes that I’ll be tired enough to sleep till 5. Seven hours would be nice. We shall see.

We did the grocery shopping. The rain held off, which was nice of it.

Sah-son is still hurting and refusing to go to the doctor. I told him to eat something spicy hot and see if that helps.

My poor friend, I saw on FB that her brother was shot and killed. Everybody was wondering why he didn’t show up to their mother’s memorial service, now they know why.

No you don’t. English ivy takes over everything. Plant it on your hill and in a few years it’ll eat your house. Damn weed is almost as bad as kudzu.

No pics from today (we have very strict rules about phones and cameras) but I may do a dramatic recreation some day if I remember.

Some of my co-workers tried to grope my coconuts; I played hard to get.

Dude-ette — ya kidding me, right? :wink:

I had some Hicksploitation music going in the car today.

Damn Brits.

Present company excepted, of course!


Bought some stuff at the sto’ on Sat & put the bag on the folded down back seat behind me. Driving back on the interstate with the winders partway down when the phone rings. The car has bluetooth so one by one I close the car up in order to be able to hear. Once I hang up, I put them down approximately to the way they were before the call. A minute later I feel something on my left ankle. :eek: I look down & the receipt has managed to migrate out of the bag & between the seat & the B post from the rear up to the front!
I get air currents, but I don’t know how that happened.

I was grooving yesterday, or doing my best to. There was a live band playing a dance tune when I went cruising by on a Segway. I did my best dancin’ moves & the band & crowd liked it but…man, that’s tough to do! :cool:

Stand off with the police, he lost.

I worked, I got nothing done, I came home. I made chicken and green bean stir fry, with the leftover orange ginger sauce from last night.