It's A Shiny New MMP!

Do tell Swampy. You rascal you!

I hope to get most of my Thanksgiving friend and familying here, it’s been great so far! I know everybody will be busy cooking for others and cleaning up, but I’ll be hanging around, waiting for when you sit down to take a load off.

Trying to not worry about dear youngest son who is a resident doc in Michigan, where it’s bad. He has to spend lots of hours in hospitals and says the PTSD that nurses and doctors have to struggle with is what scares him (he’s a psychiatrist specializing in depression so it is foremost on his radar). If he’s still alive next Thanksgiving (along with all of you of course!) I’ll be fine. Being hunkered down in my very humble house this year doesn’t bother me at all (FCM~I would hate for you to see my stove!).

Signing off-sad and woebegone because it’s Sunday and I’m not with Hattie. Two days of isolation done and 12 to go. Insert your preferred swears and curses here.

I missed that but have finally laughed out loud. I did the store. Hated it. Chicken in the oven for ma and Buddy. Sides to be determined. We have been getting home grown ice cream bananas from a neighbor and the rascal loves them so they sent a papaya I’m not a fan but he may be. It’s a texture thing for me. Hot as hell here

Missed the mom in swampy bed.

{{{Butters}}} I’m glad the service went well and always happy to see you posting in here.

Yup. Years ago there was a short-lived Dresden series on TV, and, while it was just so-so, I thought the premise had promise and I started reading the books (from the library.) I guess I must like them, although I only get through 4 or 5 chapters before my eyes say “that’s enough” these days.

Nellie, pretty much my whole family are trumpanzees, 'cept a couple of cousins in Michigan, of all places. I haven’t got any advice for you, but I’m sympathetic.

Heh, I just spotted what I thought was a very hairy bug on the back of the computer desk. I had to tweezer it and look at it with a magnifying glass to discover it was a fishing fly. Tiny little hook.
previous homeowner was a fly fisherman and left all sorts of fishing paraphernalia here.

Mom, if your computer and the TV both have HDMI ports, all you’ll (probably) need is a HDMI cable and the devices will do the rest. Otherwise you’ll need some oddball cable, or combination thereof, that you can’t get anywhere. Been there, done that.

The GirlChild and family, SIL and GrandSon, are coming here for T-Day. It’s a bit worrying. They’re good about social distancing, but things happen. Anyway, we’ll accept the risk.
We’re roasting a couple of chickens, and will have dressing, and veggie sides. And pies. Always pies. I might even make my famous Impossible Coconut pie. Fer sure they’ll be a punkin pie. That’s SILs favorite. It’ll be a good, if not that traditional holiday.

Hope you all have a wonderful week, and remember; stay
one cow apart

I tried displaying the image directly. I really did. And it’s on it’s own #$%^#%^ line! :rage:

Sheesh, it was one date 17 years ago. We had scallops. We hugged. He told me I was a cheap date. That’s it.


It’s drizzly so I’m glad I walked earlier. We’ll make pizza for supper. That will be the day’s excitement.

Happy Sunday, Mumper friends! It’s cloudy and chilly, the heavy kind of cloudiness that means it’s trying to decide whether to rain or not. I think I’m going to go for a walk anyway. It’s not good to be cooped up all day.

Thank you for all the support. Shoe’s comments on my protecting my friends brought tears to my eyes, and Bumbs’s “Trumpanzees” gave me a chuckle. For reasons I won’t go into, even subtle racism is deeply personal to me, and I just can’t let it go. I’m contemplating writing a snail mail letter to said cousin. How old school of me, but I think words on paper make a stronger impression. I have no illusions that he’ll change his mind on anything–It’s amazing how people will turn themselves into pretzels rather than give up their cherished sense of superiority–but some things need to be said.

True confessions: when I read “our bed,” I imagined Moooom, Swampy, OYKW, and Higgins holding flashlights under their chins and telling ghost stories. Neither my imagination nor my reality has been exactly G rated (NC-17 all the way, baby.), but we all know Swampy ain’t sleeping without OYKW, and Higgins, it must be said, takes his dual roles as chaperone and bathroom escort very seriously.

Butters, glad you’ll get to be among humanoids on Thanksgiving. Hope you can stay safe.

Bumba, he must have been a good fly-tier to have gotten you to bite, so to speak. :slight_smile:

Boo, fingers crossed and hopes sent to the universe for your son’s wellbeing and that of all those he works with. I’m so sorry about your Hattie deprivation. You must be jonesing pretty hard by now. I’ll be on here a lot on T-Day, so consider me your very, very socially distanced Thanksgiving friend.

Sari, life is too short to live with a color you don’t like. Hoping you’ll get to like it in time is like marrying someone you find annoying in the hopes you’ll eventually find his quirks endearing. You deserve better. Paint over it.

Yikes! Mooooom is sitting! Mooooom is contemplating…boredom! It is the End of Days!

Late breakfast this morning. It was nearly noon before we finished. I made chicken-fried steaks, hashbrowns, bacon-ands-sausage gravy, and over-easy eggs.

I donated $20 toward Mrs. L.A.'s birthday fundraiser for Alzheimer’s disease. Only she, I, and one other person have donated so far, so she has $35 toward her $200 goal.

I got the trash and recycling out for tomorrow, I have some running around to do today, but after that massive breakfast it’s hard to get into gear.

Geaux Saints! :slight_smile:

Isn’t there a rule in Mumper land that if you mention a ‘my recipe’ you have to share it? Coconut be among one of my favorite treats, yah know? Mounds Bars rule!

I’ll honored to. Your kindness brought a mist to my eyes. It is a nice mist~enjoying it.

I am but I am also poking myself and thinking of everyone who wishes they only had to wait a mere 12 days to hug their most beloved ones {{{ butters }}}

I’ll believe it when I see it. She’s only staging herself to rush into our parlors and set coasters under our cups and glasses.

Howdy Y’all! We deheathenated, had N.O.L., napped, futzed, et sup, cleanded the kitchen, and the biiiiiiig trash can has been hauled all the way down to the road for pickup tomorrow. I am exhausted! Such a strenuous pace is surely too much for one of my advanced years!

Swampy please me remind again of what OYKW stands for? If it is NR-17 rated, even better. And, is he good enough for you?

We stayed up later than usual last night to watch “Marriage Story”, a decent flick. We shut off the lights and retired to the bedroom to read a bit at around 10-ish or thereafter. The wife suddenly says “Did you hear a knock at the door?” Well, no. My hearing is getting worse. She gets up and walks into the darkened living area, then hotfoots it back and says “Someone is trying to open the door!” She grabs the phone, I grab my home protection and a flashlight, ease up to the door, and pop my head up to the window. Nuthin’. Turned on the very bright flashlight and shine it around. Nuthin’. Went around to the side windows and saw. . .nuthin’.

There have been reports on Nextdoor lately about prowlers knocking on doors, or roaming around properties looking for an opportunity, so we were somewhat nervous, but eventually fell asleep.

I got up this morning and did my usual routine of browsing a bit, when there is a knock at the door. I jump up and look out and see a UPS truck, open the door and screen door, and there are a couple of small packages. I picked them up, turned around to go back in and there on the screen door is a UPS sticker from last night about an attempted delivery. At 10 p.m.? Since when?

Cleaned and dusted. Panthers won their handegg game. LOLions. The Packers game…is sub optimal at this point.

Package surge. sometimes it takes them a while to do 130+ stops.

Old You Know Who.

nut, I bought a N.O.F. a few years back at a Christmas market, intending to take it to my green thumb sister for the holidays. I left home without it though. I did manage to keep it alive for about six months, which is nearing a record for indoor plants for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

doggio, aigs are on my shopping list every week and milk about every other week, so that’s not necessarily snow or holiday shopping unless it’s accompanied by multiple cases of beer and the super duper jumbo bale of TP.

sari, how much of the paint do you have leftover? If it’s enough to do more painting, perhaps you could have it remixed to lighten it up if it’s just the vibrancy of the color.

All of the Sunday chores are done, Nelson and I got in from his walk just about the time it resumed raining and supper is et. I’m chilling and making a web belt with a plastic buckle for irk, as I have a couple of pair of jeans that are a bit loose and the rest of my belts have to be removed while going through security. I’ve been wearing a long piece of ribbon as a belt for a while, but I’m beginning to feel a bit Beverly Hillbilly-ish doing that. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanksgiving cards are ready for the mail and the thank you card for Sis will be in a bit.

See y’all tomorrow!

Personal pizzas were pretty good. I’s stuffded!!

FCD is taking his dad to a Dr appt in the morning, and apart from a walk, I don’t know what I will do. Bet I won’t be sleeping in…

I heartily endorse this message.

Got a sweet N.O.T. in the oven, and a post-irk snack of buttered sourdough slathered with smushed roasted garlic in front of me. No vampires here tonight!

… in fact, imma throw another head of garlic into the oven now, since it’s on anyway.

My lovely :roll_eyes: mother called me last night while I was still at irk, so I gotta call her back. Which is why I’m procrastinating here with you fine folks!

I’m soliciting ideas over in IMHO for a small gift to bring my work-friend on Thursday, because I can’t show up empty handed, right? (… right?? Feel free to say yay/nay as I was not properly socialized as a youngster.)

Okay, imma have a smoke, and do like, three or four piddly, unnecessary little things, then imma call my mom back.

Oh, shit! Thanks for the reminder!

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DH is currently engaged in much cursing and growling as he attempts to set up a new printer. Yes, we bought a different one two months ago, which turned out to be a totally unreliable-to-useless piece of crap. HP does fine on laptops (such as the one I’m currently using), but the wireless printer we bought, not so much. We have an Epson joining the household now, and we’ve had good luck with that brand in the past, so I’m feeling some degree of optimism, especially since this one can be physically wired into our home network.

Boo doggio answered the OYKW question. As to is he good enough for me, well, I think he is. However, I am far too good for him, so he’s the really lucky one. :shamrock: We’d known each other for a while, but both of us were otherwise attached to someone else. Then we weren’t and saw each other at a party and decided we each liked what we saw. So, now, here we are. Romantic ain’t it!