It's Election Day...and my cable went out!!

Well, this sucks. My cable TV (Time Warner) suddenly went out @12:02pm today. I called customer service, it’s definitely a local outage. No idea when it will return, esp. since I suspect the nearby construction must have accidentally damaged a cable line…

IOW, I might not know how the candidates are doing until I pick up my uncle @ 6:15pm at the airport…dammit, the ONE DAY of the year I planned to watch TV all day, and this happens! I can’t even watch my DVR programs…oh well, maybe I’ll listen to some music or something. Any suggestions?

Ron paul is in the lead!!!

Omg! This is historic!


Huh, did you know that you can’t type all in caps?

Try NPR.

How do I find NPR? (I’m assuming that’s a radio station…I’m in L.A.)

If this happened at our home, I think my wife would kill herself. She’s been an MSNBC/CNN junkie for the last couple of weeks, and she’ll be planted on the futon in front of the TV all day/night/morning until a winner’s announced.

Don’t worry, I think they’ll probably print the results in the papers tomorrow.

89.3 carries most NPR shows.

“57 Channels and Nothing On” - Bruce Springsteen

Haven’t you heard: Newspapers are dead. :wink:

MSNBC has a live feed over the Internet. I’m watching it right now, because we don’t have cable.