It's F R I D A Y!

And Spring seems to have finally arrived in Minnesota. It’s supposed to be in the 60s today… Me want to barbecue.

What are everyone’s plans for this weekend?

Days like today make me want to tell you all that I love you. Do you love me?

Giddier than a schoolgirl on the last day of 8th grade… Your Aunty Canty

There’s an in-the-water Boat Show in Jax this weekend - we’re going tomorrow. Sunday is still up in the air, but we’ll likely work on our boat. I live for my weekends.

FairyChatMom , you didn’t answer my other question!


Canthearya mwaaaaah! Love ya babe!

This weekend Partner and I are clearing junk outta the house. I call it junk, others apparently think it’s wonderful stuff they can’t live without cause a lot of it is going to friends who have come to near fights in my garage over the stuff. So, I either have extremely good taste, or have some really tacky friends. hmmmm…

I love you! It’s great to see you back again!

Lessee…little Banjo has a Peewee baseball game tomorrow, and that usually takes up a good part of the day, as each kid is pitched to until he gets a hit, pretty much.

And I think I’m making stifado, which is a slow-cooked Greek dish which includes about a pound of meat and three pounds of onions…you could call it onion stew, flavored with lamb. And a horta, which is a mess o’ greens scented with garlic, dill, and mint. And I’ll probably bake a loaf of bread to go with it. How does focaccia sound?

None of that grub is very Spring-like, but it’s only going to rise to around 62 tomorrow and those dandelions and mustard greens are taking up a LOT of room in the fridge.

Canthearya I don’t know you well enuff to proclaim my love for you from this distance, it is sufficient to state that I’m OK with you at this point in a non-existant relationship? I hope so.

Down here, it’s Saturday in 22 minutes, so planning for the weekend is a bit redundant. I will state that the SO is out performing in a play tonight (which she also directed) and is not due back for hours yet, so the 1st part of the weekend, is sitting here typing drivel.

When the day of Satur finally arrives, it’s off to the South Melbourne Market to deliver the minors to a ‘Pokemon Card Collectors Swap’, and let the SO sleep in.

No plans for the evening, but as it’s Autumn down here, there is unlikely to be a BBQ as I can hear the cats and dogs as they fall from the sky. So much for ‘pool weather’.

I’m happy to hear you’re getting good weather and I hope you thrown a prawn on the barbie for me (no we generally don’t actually do that).

Enjoy your weekend.

I can love everyone on a glorious spring FRIDAY. You’re just lovable for starting this thread, for instance. Pardon me, I must go smile broadly at some more strangers today.

Spring fever still going strong!

Barbecue is tentatively on the dance card. And I love ya, canty - good to hear from you.

Oooh, love to love ya, baby.

(Anyone else mentally pronounce Can’t’s name as can-the-arya?)

I am thrilled - THRILLED - that I got my new sump pump discharge pipe buried yesterday! That was the one big nasty job we had to do before getting to the fun gardening stuff.

We were at a nursery picking out trees and shrubs yesterday. So this weekend and next we will be clearing perennials from the areas where the new stuff will be planted. And tomorrow we will cook out. Yesterday was pork chops and applesauce. Mmmm. In Chi, the forecast for tomorrow says “uninterrupted sun”! Yippee!

Holy jeez! I thought you’d dropped below radar for good, mon ami!

Well, lessee. This weekend should be the first weekend I take the top down on the Jeep, if it doesn’t rain. Other than that, I think I’m heading out to Changing Lanes tonight, and then there will probably be drinking involved sometime tomorrow.

Stop by more often, will ya? I’m in need of some familiar fac-well, usernames, anyway.

It’s Friday. And more than this…it’s my 19th birthday :slight_smile:

My GOD I am so full of the love bug that I can’t even stand it!

UkieBABY! Ringo! Flyp! so good to see you!

Schnitte , I am so jealous of you, for two reasons:

  1. You’re 19 today. Alles gute zum Geburtstag, mein Freund! Oder Freundin!

  2. You live in Bavaria. Ach du lieber Zeit, I wish I still did. Spring in Germany is GLORIOUS!

Happy Birthday, Schnitte! :smiley:

Tonight, I wait. And wait and wait. My best friend is driving to Atlanta at noon today to go pick up my old roommate, who is back from France for a short visit. We will undoubtedly spend much of this weekend in a drunken stupor, complete with barbecue and trips out in the canoe. Much wackiness and french-speaking will ensue. (Not by me, but the two of them are from France.)

Tomorrow night, my little brother’s band is playing, and we are going to go see them. (I debated between this and going to see the New England Revolution play against our local soccer team, but, alas, the little brother wins!) And yes, that is shameless promotion right there, but hey, they’re good!

I looked at your profile, Schnitte , mein Freund .


Whoops! And let me proclaim love for Canthearya, who started this thread and got me even more excited about this weekend! Thanks!

And good day to you, too, Canthearya…really.

Well, since I’m being laid off next Wednesday, I’m going job hunting. And looking out the window right now, it’s hazy, overcast and humid. My allergies are starting to kick up, I think I’m coming down with laryngitis and I’m really in a pissed-off mood.
Sorry to throw water on the celebration…

…retreats to the corner, mumbling…

Goodness gracious me… it was a computer glitch! No, really, it was!! Of course I love you! How can I help but love you?? I wanna be you when I grow up!

MWAH! I love you all!

I’m driving to Philadelphia tomorrow to order some shirts (custom made shirts-they’re my one vice. . .or is that “one of my vices”)? and do some browsing at this really neat record store on Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore. I might go and visit the parental units too.

Sunday is wide open at this point. . .maybe I’ll go take in a movie or something.


And yes, we’re having a nice spring this year. Fits well, after 2001 White Christmas :slight_smile:

I love spring…especially because it means spring break. I was off this week. So, generous hugs all around. (And happy birthday, Schnitte!)

This weekend, I suspect I’ll be working on a school project. It’s a fun project (a friend and I are writing a parody of Hamlet and filming it for our English class), but a lot of work all the same. But tonight, at least, I’ll be seeing a movie with friends.