It's Labor Day weekend, so I'm gonna...

…bring in the houseplants, which have been enjoying their summer vacation on the front porch. This ends up being a full afternoon’s activity, since it involves moving the stuff that has moved into what is ordinarily houseplant territory inside; doing the screen/storm window swap on the kitchen windows (above the sink, and a total PITA to deal with – I’m not moving all that crap off the windowsill twice); cutting back the hanging pot of mixed coleus by about 2/3 and rooting all the cuttings, plus finding a place to put 8 or 10 pots of rooting plants; repotting a couple of plants; and figuring out where to put this year’s new acquisitions.

What are you doing to mark the end of summer?

Ribs, baby ribs.
I’m cooking 6 racks of ribs on my egg tommorw for about 5 hurs till they fall off the bone. Having the son and his gf, plus one or two other friends over…
I’m also gonna clean my 'puter desk.

I’m not doing *anything * until the Puyallup Fair.

Stay home and not use any gasoline if possible. The town will be full of football fans and you won’t be able to easily get into or out of a store or restaurant, or drive to one in a reasonable amount of time anyway.

It may be the end of summer somewhere, but here that’s just a day on the calendar. The end of summer weather is in November.

My aunt is staying with us for the weekend so we can go to the American Idol concert tonight. I really don’t want to go. The tickets were purchased before I found out I’m pregnant and before Bo left the tour. Plus, I’m in bed before 10:00 these days, so it’s going to be a mighty long day.

Then, I’ve got to figure out a way to entertain her for the rest of the weekend, while trying to re-schedule my pregnancy naps.

Yeah, I’m cranky today! :mad:

Saturday - Hit the range with my new (to me) Siamese Mauser.

Sunday - Stonewall Jackson Jubilee.

Monday - Something involving charcoal and obscene amounts of animal flesh.

<Minor culture shock moment>

I had completely forgotten that it was Labor Day weekend in the States. I also totally missed July 4th going by. I miss my American holidays :frowning: I should be grilling and relaxing and… well, ok I’m relaxing, but still.

I need a dose of red white and blue.

Wrapping up my office work today so that tomorrow we can get up to our festival land and spend a weekend doing land prep for the music festival I run the weekend after Labor Day.

It’s kind of a fun weekend though - a lot of mowing, and running snow fencing, getting the stage finished, generators sited etc. but it always involves a lot of beer and pickin’ too.

I’m going to work all day Saturday and spend the rest of the weekend holed up in my apartment studying. I lead such an exciting life.

Putting the finishing touches on our membership area (aka guild yard) and dress rehearsal at our Faire.

That’s during the day. I’m sure many “special” beverages and much food will be consumed at night back at camp.

Well, I might be having a baby if these contractions get any worse… But I’d take a relaxing BBQ. I’m craving ribs something terrible!

clean my house

do laundry

clean the litter boxes

try not to outright laugh at my cat who has to wear an e-collar for 10 days because she’s chewed her spay sutures out twice

bathe my dog

go for a hike

work :frowning:

sleep in


talk on the phone and the computer with my girlfriend

surf the dope

watch and read a lot of news

Labor Day: The day the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins* banners get hung up in front of Casa de Briston.

Beer, too…yeah, drink a bit of beer.

*My wife insists on equal banner time for her team.

Not a damn thing. Most of Montgomery is out of gas. Literally. (They’re talking about closing the schools.) We won’t be able to fill up until mid-week.

So I’m makin’ WAFFLES!

-pick up the Mrs. from the airport (returning from Houston).

-catch up on movies…a lot of them (highest priority: Constant Gardener, Broken Flowers, Elevator to the Gallows, and Junebug).

-go for at least one long walk

-do a lot of work in the garden

-cook and cook and cook

gotpasswords, small hijack here: I was looking at your Faire site and it looks like a ton of fun (and it’s close!) But the section on costumes seemed to imply that everyone really should be in one. Is that the case, or can I go watch the jousting in my regular clothes?



I have a draft user’s guide due COB Monday, and I just got the not-quite-stable application a few days ago, so I’ll be working a little from home (and possibly the office) this weekend and going in to the office on Monday. The upside is that my office is only 3 miles from the house, so it’s not really a big deal to go in, but the downside is that I’m so frustrated with this project that it will be hard for me to concentrate – and this is just 1/6 of the docs that I have to finish by the end of this month.

I also have homework this weekend (school started already), but thankfully it’s just a little reading. I know that later this semester I’ll be wishing I’d taken two classes, but for the time being I’m glad that I’m only taking one.

Oh yeah, and I need to mow my front yard at some point.

Try to contain your jealousy. :wink:

Soccer (nephews) & raving.

Quite a bit of labor - my landlord randomly decided to rip out my drywall and electrical system a couple of weeks ago (don’t ask), and in the process of doing so, he moved pretty much every piece of furniture in my apartment somewhere else. I was out of town last weekend and have been pretty dead by the time I get home from work, so I haven’t finished cleaning up yet. (That, and my 5’1" self is going to have a harder time moving the furniture than the crew of half a dozen Albanian electricians did.)

Other than that, I’m going to a housewarming party tomorrow, and will probably bake something in preparation for that, maybe a peach pie.



And grit my teeth over all the people who had to wish me a happy weekend yesterday…not that I don’t appreciate the sentiment, but it’s not a weekend (even this weekend) for all of us. Some of us have to keep things open for the rest of y’all :slight_smile: .

But it’s ok…I’ll be sleeping in Tuesday morning :stuck_out_tongue: .