It's NOT Fair!

Tomorrow I’ll be getting a tooth pulled. Will the tooth fairy visit me if I’m brave and don’t give the dentist a hard time? NO! If I clean my room will someone buy me a toy? NO! If I behave and don’t get into any fights will Santa bring me what I want this year? NO! I don’t wanna be grown-up no more! It’s not fun and it’s not fucking fair!

You watch that language, young lady!

You could do what I do and make up your own “I am brave” certificate. Colour it with crayons!

Plus, you can share with your two little ones how brave you are and they will be in awe of their mommy.

Oh sure, pick on me about language now that it’s too late to bribe me!

I was upset about being an adult for a little while until I realized that I can now buy Oreos for myself.

Oh, wait, I guess that won’t work in this instance. Well, maybe you could go for some kind of Sophisticated Adult Beverage.

Amazing haw the old ‘get to/have to’ dichotomy shifts with age, isn’t it?

Now - go wash your mouth out :slight_smile:

cercaria, age 8: It’s not fair!!!
mommy cercaria: Who said life was supposed to be fair?
cercaria: scowling I’m sure MLK Jr. would have accomplished a lot with THAT kind of attitude, MOM.
I was a smartass for my age…

If life were truly fair, men would have to get Pap smears every year too.


And humans would have tails. I think it would be cool to have a tail. Almost every other mammal has a tail. But do humans? Noooooo!!!

The world is round, it just ain’t fair, it’s just damn round…

Some of us do.

Ain’t much fun when your tail hurts. And seats…ugh.

Wait a second! Men DON’T get pap smears? That must be why do they bitch about bending over and coughing. They don’t know about REAL pain. I don’t wanna do my dishes, I don’t wanna go to bed and I just might bite my dentist tomorrow. Maturity be damned!

Lel quits doing MamaHen’s dishes and tosses the tooth fairy costume, brand new toy, and MamaHen’s Santa wish list. That will teach you to complain! :smiley:

I second the idea of playing up your bravery for all it’s worth for your kids. My mom had rabies shots, back when it was a L-O-N-G series of shots in your STOMACH, and I am still in awe of her.

Who says you can’t get a toy? Mention to PapaHen that it would be a really cool idea, and see if he will take the Chicks out to go get mommy a toy.

Make him take notes, so tell you their thought processes for getting a present for mommy. You might get something really cool.

Ignore this advise if your kids are like, 25 or something. Or maybe don’t ignore it. You might get some booze.

PapaHen has flown the coop…the fucking bastard!

That’s too bad… maybe you can still treat yourself! Maturity isn’t exactly all it’s cracked up to be. I know it sucks, but having kids look up to you is so cool! (sometimes)

Of course, if I ever did anything that was worthy of being looked up to, that would be nice, but that’s a whole other rant for another time.

The greatest thing about being a mother is you can lie to the kids! They are too young to know the truth! I can chew on the dentist for an hour but tell them later I was brave! Lies …the greatest gift you can give your children! (Oh fuck off I am joking!)

Hey, I still stop off for an ice cream cone every time some doctor puts his/her hands up my whatsis! I’m all for bravery rewards, and since I’m a grownup I can get them for myself instead of relying on those pesky forgetful parents… :slight_smile:

Hey, MamHen. They say that misery loves company, so here goes: This week I get to have an impacted wisdom tool extracted by an oral surgeon. Kinda makes your widdle tooth pulling seem kinda insignificant, doesn’t it?

I know, I know. I’m mean. :slight_smile:

being an adult rocks.

I wanted Cherry Pie a la mode for dinner. So I did it.
I wanted to get a Curious George stuffty…I bought two.
I hate going to bed at 8:00. (more like 8:00 am…)
I want to wear something that doesn’t match? Hey. it’s no prob!
I don’t have to put up with Mom and Dad bickering.
I drive myself to the mall…anytime I want!
My hair is a rats nest.
I love my job. School was dreadfully boring.
I didn’t have to negociate getting a dog. or two.

yeah, bills suck.
but it’s oh so worth it!