It's Official - Impeach Barack Obama

Who had October 16 in the pool?

Yes, the time has finally come to impeach him, for…well, all kinds of stuff, I guess. Tammy Bruce says, according to the spam I got, “… the fact that he seems to have, it seems to me, some malevolence toward this country, which is unabated.”

My thought on the rambling in the spam:

#include <rolleyes.h>
short main () {
dim iLoop as long;

for (iLoop = 1; iLoop <=0xFACE; iLoop++)
  cout << :rolleyes:;
cout << endl;

That site is a work of genius. I wish I’d thought of it.

I’d love to relieve those humps of their money while giving them false hope.

How is this “official?”

There are nutcases before this nutcase that have called for Obama’s impeachment. Does this particular nutcase have some official standing that the others didn’t? Chief Investigative Psycho, or something?

OK, not “official” official. I’m declaring it official that there is an organized movement to impeach Obama.

Here, let me simplify it for you

while (1)

  cout<< :rolleyes::;

I bet they are impeaching Obama because of the Nobel Peace Prize!

wtf lol

Picture in title area, second to the right appears to be Obama either yawning or yodeling.

We can’t have any yodelers in the white house!

Not since Monica Lewinski, anyway.

perl -le 'say ":rolleyes:" while 1'

golfed it.

Dang… what do the -le flags do?

(repeat “:rolleyes:”)

Hurrah for clojure.

-e is for executing code on the commandline (instead of in a file)
-l adds a newline after every operation that outputs to stdout; though I just realized it’s completely unnecessary since ‘say’ does that anyway (while the older ‘print’ does not. But I’m so used to doing it the old way I add the -l by habit.)

Have you considered using the -w flag?

And waste an extra keystroke? NEVER!

But seriously, I write a lot of Perl code for a living. Anything that matters has strictures and warnings turned on. Otherwise something bad might happen to the universe.


10 run
20 print “rolleyes”
30 goto 20
40 end

I don’t think 40 will ever execute…

A political thread turned geeky. Only on the Dope!

Dim BuckleMyShoe as integer
Dim X as integer

BuckleMyShoe = 1000000

For X = 1 to BuckleMyShoe
MsgBox “rolleyes”

Well, okay, since it’s unabated.

can has stdio?
i has a var
im in yr loop
	up var!!1
	visible "rolleyes"
	iz var smalr than 0? kthxbye
im outta yr loop