It's snowing here in Houston

Big white flakes. Melting on contact, but if the temp goes down another degree or two, we might have some white on the ground.

It’s just too damn cold. Anything under 70 F. is not fit for humans to live in.

I agree. This is truly a sign of the end times. Somebody call Kirk Cameron - he doesn’t need to get left behind!

We’re supposed to get actual snow tonight. We might even get an accumulation of 2 inches! The horror!

What really weirds me out is that yesterday the temp was in the 70’s. Strange.

I’m thinking that karma is trying to prepare me for our NYC trip at Xmas.

I went outside! It’s colder’n a witch’s tit - but the flakes sure are purty! I can’t wait for the commute home. Ya think Houstonians can’t drive in the rain? :wink:

You gotta love our weather. Don’t like what’s happening? Wait a bit. It’ll change.

I want snow. Our kids want snow. Hubby… well, he’s waiting until it starts falling to believe it. It would be a fantastic anniversary present, considering we got 7 inches of snow dumped on us on our wedding night 11 years ago (12/13/97). We were in Vicksburg.

It snowed here in Austin last night. Of course, since it had been 70 degrees yesterday it didn’t stick.

Posting from the Greenspoint area. Flakes are falling here.

Missed the Christmas eve snow a couple years back; glad I’m here for this one. Whee!

One December some years ago Mrs. J. was out shopping at a Houston mall on a day such as today, and a woman sadly exclaimed about the cold wet weather and remarked how hard it was to get the Xmas spirit when it was so cold. :frowning: :smiley:

Plants, pets and pipes, people!


I’ll bet Vicksburg was beautiful after a snowfall!

We used to get a lot of snow up in Oxford. I was actually snowbound for 10 days there in December of '88, with a two-year-old and a five-month old. I almost overdosed on Sesame Street. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, it was. The view was incredible. We got an extra night at the hotel cause nobody could leave. (Not that we argued, of course.) We made it across the street to the Waffle House for breakfast, then after hearing that a tractor-trailer had overturned on our exit ramp, we decided to stay put.

Gah! I understand: when we were in Louisville, poor hubby was stuck with two kids who nearly drove him crazy. I had an escape: work. The buses still ran: and as long as the buses ran, I could get there.

When I moved from Austin to Oregon a few years back, I was really excited that I’d finally get to see a white Christmas. Come Christmas day, though, no snow… but then my cousin called from Houston to tell me that they’d gotten two inches overnight.

There just ain’t no justice*.

I’m in Seattle now… and the winter’s been decidedly boring. Just cold and rainy. They say we might get some snow this weekend.


Wow… something must be wrong… that’s what… 4 times in almost 40 years?

(I recall once in the mid-70s when I was a wee child, once in high school (late 80s), once about 5-6 years ago on Christmas Eve, and you say it’s snowing now)

Seriously though; that’s really odd for Houston. Frozen water falling from the sky was one of the things that took some getting used to when I moved to the DFW area, whether it’s hail, snow, sleet or freezing rain.

I saw snow in New Orleans a few years ago. No, really. On Christmas. The first white Christmas there in about 50 years. We got about a quarter-inch.

WHY, OG, WHY??? I’m in Idaho! We have yet to have any snow at all to speak of. In December! Houston doesn’t want it. We do.

Somebody is playing a massive joke on us all.

Snow in Houston! And today in Connecticut, it almost hit 60°F! What is the world coming to? (Then again, on Monday, we had a high of 25° here.)

The last time I saw snow in Houston was in 1989 or so, when an inch or two fell. It almost shut down the whole city, and I had an international flight to catch. The only vehicles with traction were the buses (because of their weight), so my grandfather finally just put me on a bus to Intercontinental.

Anyway, I’ll be there in Houston in a few weeks visiting relatives over the holidays.

I’ve got a photo of that, somewhere around here.

I remember the one 5 years ago. In the late 80s, I was living on Kwajalein, in the republic of the Marshall Islands. The Marshalese do not have a word for snow in their language.

In the 70s, I was living in Austin. I moved there in 1966 to attend UT, and that year, there was a helluva snowstorm. I was born in Houston in 1948 and I had never seen snow until that day in Austin.

Speaking of snow in Houston, here are two pics of my car around 6:30PM literally less tahn 300 yards from IAH (Internation Airport Houston):

snowy car 1
snowy car 1
Not much for you types that are normally exposed to this white, airy, flaky stuff. But it is more that we usually get down here for years, so there. :smiley:

You guys are so cute when you see snowflakes down there. It’s like when we expect you to get impressed when we tell you we’re having a summer heatwave and the temperature’s hit ninety degrees.

Ah, just a nice heavy dusting. And you got all excited? g

LMAO. You call that snow? :wink: