It's Spring! It's Sequential Threads

When nerds collide
Grad School Ostracism

**How do they figure out the best way to administer a medicine?
Statistics & probability help **

Yes, they do.

**Maine Approves Same-Sex Marriage
I’m Getting Re-Married, Kids! **
Sorry - Quasi! Please don’t take offense - it’s too good to pass up!

**The effect of saying “‘x’-word”

What words are censored on television in the United States?

Owah Tagu Siam?


Maine Approves Same-Sex Marriage
Time to stop the drug war - it has been won!

If you say so…

**Why would you get married?

Married Men. Are You Still Getting Blow Jobs?

You make a good case…

My roommate knows (and doesn’t know) the weirdest things
Brett Favre to the Vikings?

That’s some pretty serious inside knowledge

** Remind me what happens if I don’t let police search my car?

Endothermic Fire



** I agree with Starving Artist [about rudeness in society]

Well, that’s that then.

**I thought it was common-knowledge…
I don’t enjoy bad pizza. **

Yeah, I think that for most people that goes without saying.

I’m proposing tomorrow, or “Today a Boyfriend, Tomorrow a Fiancé”
i think i hate my boyfriend

Short honeymoon, eh?

How do you do a screenshot on youtube?
Cell Phones in Jail?

…I suppose…but that doesn’t sound very safe.:dubious:

** Looking for something everywhere but the most logical place
Desperately seeking silver linings.

Check inside of clouds.

Looking for something everywhere but the most logical place
Desperately seeking silver linings.

Strange objects on side of road
Road Kill Locations

I was pretty sure someone would beat me to that one.

** I hate being an atheist
You will receive your rebate within 10-14 weeks
Okay, but do I have to return my toaster?

**Tell your fart stories

Proof that anti-gravity devices exist!

**Is bringing characters back from the dead generally a cheat?
Pride and Prejudice…and Zombies **

**Stadium Pal? Or, Adult Diapers?

A Very Un-PC Thread: The Most Unhygienic Custom You Can Think Of.

Potty training children in non-US cultures

mulch dumped in wrong driveway…is it mine?**

(Ew, what is the mulch made of?)