It's summer time and hot. What's your favorite ice creme treat?

There’s still a little kid hiding in all of us. :smiley: Fudgesicles, Ice Cream Sandwich, Nutty Buddy, Push-Up, Heath Bars they are all good.

What’s your favorite ice cream treat on a hot day?

  1. What do you buy and keep in the freezer?

  2. What do you occasionally buy off the truck that comes by every day?

I keep Klondike Bars in my freezer. They remind me of going to the Tastee Freeze for a chocolate dipped vanilla cone. I’ll usually enjoy a Klondike Barr after I’ve finished mowing the yard. They’re best under a shade tree where they can drip freely onto the ground. :smiley:

The kid in me sometimes can’t resist the ice cream truck that drives by. You can hear the music a block away. Usually I get a Push-Up (orange sherbert) or a Nutty Buddy.

  1. I can eat a mess o’ ice cream sandwiches in the summertime.

  2. I don’t usually buy stuff from the ice cream truck nowadays, but I’d probably go for a soft ice cream cone or a banana split.

With 2" of fresh white snow this afternoon, I don’t have ice cream on my mind at all!

I don’t like ice cream too much and since I’m lactose intolerant it’s a good thing I don’t.

But every now and again I like a root beer float.

Root beer floats are the nectar of the Gods.

Just to clarify.

Non dairy frozen treats count too. Popsicles, and other frozen juice treats are great on a hot day too.

I am extremely fortunate to live within walking distance of one of the great ice cream parlors of the world, Mitchell’s Ice Cream. On a hot day, I just head over for a cone of the tastiest, most decadent freshly made ice cream you can find. I also like their sundaes, and on special occasions I’ll even go for a banana split.

I’m trying to stay away from ice cream, as it is a huge weak point for me and I really am trying to cut out the things that I can’t seem to manage in moderation.

But, I decided to treat myself to a pushup, because I figured, as far as ice creams go, sherbet isn’t so bad. Plus, it was soooo hot and I was sooo tired.

I bought the first push I had in years. I removed the paper on top, my inner child chomping at the bit…and disappointment. It wasn’t orange sherbet at all, it was some tri-colored mess of lime and cherry and orange, I think. And it tasted gummy and not at all as creamy and delicious as I remember it.

Maybe another time, I will try a creamsicle and see if it is as I remember.


Ice cream in the summer? Make my mouth all gunky? No thank you, the closest I will get to that is a sweet lassi, ifn I can manage to get the recipe right.

Shaved ice sno-cones. The flavors are fantastic these days. My favorites are wedding cake and orange dreamsicle.

My favorite ice cream treat is sadly enough not available in my area anymore. Remember those malt chocolates about the size of a small milkshake? The ones you could either eat with a tiny wooden spoon or let melt awhile and drink it up a like a milkshake?
Otherwise my faves are fudgesicles and creamsicles. Haven’t eaten off a ice cream truck in ages; you look a little odd buying by yourself in your 30s.

Jeni’s in Columbus is one of the city’s best food type places. She has a Riesling Pear Sorbet that is about the best thing you will ever eat.
For ice cream, I am partial to the goat-cheese cherry flavor.
The Wildberry Lavender is also incredible.

I love shave ice. The sugar free strawberry is actually pretty good in most places, and I say this as a person who generally doesn’t like sugar free flavors.

I like a Tollhouse ice cream sandwich-but I’d give anything if I could get mint chip Its-its on this coast.

Vanilla frozen custard.

Banana split. With nuts. Whipped cream. Cherries. Yes!

My absolute favorite are the 100% fruit bars from the various juice companies. Especially any kind of citrus.

I’m also a sucker for those really cheap little fudge ripple cups.

I like to keep a package of fruit bars in my freezer, because it tastes and feels healthier than ice cream.

But if healthiness were not a consideration, and I were picking my frozen confection based solely on what tastes the best, I’d definitely stock my freezer with Snickers ice cream bars.

During the summer, I always have a box of Fudgsicles, and a box of Popsicles (orange, cherry and grape) in the freezer.