IzzyR -- a word, please

From this thread.

Now, this seems a clear implication that I was “demonstrating that I’m an outright liar.” I take such accusations very seriously.

It seems obvious from that thread that you harbor a grudge against me. I am guessing that some past conflict is far more memorable to you than to me. Frankly, I could hardly care less. I will hardly suffer unduly if you choose not to respond to my posts. What does concern me is the accusation of dishonesty. I ask you to do one of three things:
1) explain how I have misinterpreted your inference.
2) apologize and retract the accusation
3) support the accusation

Spiritus- Hell, man, not a month goes by here without SOME pissant or other calling me a “liar”. You’ll get used to it- welcome to the club- now here let me teach you the secret handshake. :smiley:

But, don’t “call out” Izzy. Altho i disagree with him in the estate tax thread, I still think he is one of our best posters- both honest & intelligent (not to mention, a real bulldog). I have had him “in my corner” a number of times- and i sure appreciated it. Nor am I sure he called you a “liar”.

So, shake & be freinds, OK?

If I have misinterpreted his statement, then I am sure he will be able to clarify his intent. If such is the case, then I will happily shake his metaphorical hand.

But I do not intend to “get used” to being called a liar.

Danny, it’s a request for another poster to either explain his words or back them up. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

The reason people call you a liar, Danny-boy, is because we’re all collectively annoyed at your long, spaceless screen name. :smiley:

Seems that he’d rather reply Thusly

  1. It’s NOT my sceen-name, it is my user-name.
  2. It does TOO have spaces between the letters, they are just rather small.
  3. I was forced into that long spaceless screen-name by an un-named moderator.
  4. We all think YOU are a big-doodie head because of your silly screen name, which ignores the rules of good grammar with the mix of caps.

And for those of you who have not figured it out yet… gotcha!! :smiley:

please close this thread. It seems my response is elsewhere. (Thanks for the link, wring.)