Jodi, question for ya...

Remind me - are you a lawyer? 'Cause of late I’ve noticed this tendency of yours in threads you’re in that not only do you always have to have the last word, but you always have to be right, and won’t let the argument go until you prove yourself to be so (usually by nit-picking every single blessed syllable someone posts contrary to you). I’m sure there are a myriad of exceptions, but in the several threads I’ve been following with you in them lately, this is the overwhelming feeling I’ve been getting from your posts. There’s debating, and then there’s strip mining…

Since this was a tendency with one of my ex’s who is a lawyer, and I can’t recall your stated profession, I’m wondering if you are.


Huh. I suggest you acquaint yourself with the mysteries of the Profile button and all with be revealed to you. I’m surprised such a long-term poster as yourself was not aware of the its existence.

I admit to having the unfortunate tendency to desire to get the last word – one I can only excuse by saying that I think it’s a failing many have, and that I do feel there are worse problems one could be afflicted with. Unfortunately for you if you’re itching for a fight, I don’t particularly mind having it pointed out to me, since I sometimes don’t realize that either I’m really doing it, or that it appears like I am doing it (and these are not the same things).

In return for having pointed it out, I give you this gift: Feel free to post again and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of having the last word. I promise I will not reply to anything other than direct, non-rhetorical questions that beg for a response from me in particular. Refrain from posting such, and the whole darn thread is yours.


Did you catch the spy thread posted by Gadarene?
If you didn’t, you need to go dig it out of GD. It’s only a couple of days old, but I’m feeling reeeeeeealy lazy right now:)

Friday after work.
The sweetest damn situation I’ve seen to date on the boards:
On the one hand, a poster, who, whatever else, imo is one of the more urbane, witty, clever, and generally rapier-like contributers extant.
On the other hand, a member who, while perhaps a wee bit less humorous, is still plenty so and certainly no slouch in the rapier-like department.
Both neurosurgeon-like in their choices of words and concepts.
Both capable of going along in the run-of-the-mill SDMB day-to-day chatter or argument or what-have-you and the out of nowhere, boom!- sliding in some truly effervescent gem, the type of which makes me keep bottled O2 by my desk.
Both capable of absolute evil and the sly delight all the right people get in perpetuating same.
I read the title, checked in here jsut on the strength of the names.
Read the OP, didn’t even go any further- I went and got my slippers on, made some nice hot cocoa, got in my pajamas, popped a batch of popcorn and came back and snuggled in, got all comfy.
Then I read Jodi’s reply.
The changes my eager little rodent-like face went through were truly heart-breaking.
The dogs are enjoying the cocoa and popcorn, whilst I, eyes gently brimming, sit here picking my slippers bald, the mad hamsters of black chaos gnawing at the edges of my mind.
The only solace I offer myself is that J’s post is possibly meant to be one of the most fiendish tortures I have ever seen. But that’s poor consolation indeed, compared to the possible heights this thread could have, should have risen to.
I bid you a sad adieu.
Oh well. (snaps fingers) That for this.
It’s time I tried some of that cybering i hear so much about. I jsut love talking sci-fi with other buffs.

I hope I run into another Heinlein fan.

For a long time I thought I was the only one who had mad hampsters chewing my mind, but truthfully I sypathize with your predicament, many a good threads are killed/maimed/MIA for not so good reasons.

Hopefully not with a truck! :eek:




Major Heinlein fan here! I just got the last of his “stinkeroo” stories after years of searching.

Whatdaya wanna talk about?

So go over to IMHO and say something about the Master, and, like as not, dozens of SF fan/Dopers’ll join in.


Cites please Esprix.

Oh yeah, K-Web-

Hey, but wait a minnit-
So, Esprix ain’t replying- so maybe that’s his fiendish torture?

Or maybe they hatched this out between them and in reality this is a torture for the expectant millions[sup]tm[/sup]? And in reality they are both jsut conducting their lives as normal, with a little gleam to their eyes, waiting to come back in the fullness of time and harvest all the despair, heartache and general I-didn’t-get-what-I-wanted poutyness this thread could engender? So, they are in fact engaging in evil, just of an as-yet-unheard-of subtlety?
Oh, those two kids!

Inor Fenris


Why in the name of Beelzebub’s bawdy bosom-boffing bazonga don’t you bstart a thread on Heinlein?

It’s not like there isn’t a wealth of things to be discussed – usually, any one thread with that man’s name in it goes for 2 1/2 pages and gets a wealth of discussion going.

Besides, think of it as stamping out ignorance the easy way – if just one person picks up one of his books from it, you’ve done wonders for the cause! :slight_smile:

Fenris!, Polycarp!

Is this how we’re supposed to respond to PIT threads?

What are you trying to do, set a good example for me?

Oh, my, my, my!
Jodi argues fairly, reasonably, backs up what she says and challenges fuzzy ripostes. But word by word, syllable by syllable micro-dissection (masturbation?) of nits? Yea, verily, there are those who indulge in the unworthy practice but Jodi isn’t one of them.

There’s persistent logic applied in the broader context but there’s also excruciating, navel-excavating idiocy. Jodi argues fairly and in context. Persistence in the pursuit of truth is laudable.

Willful pettifogging, however, rates slow roasting over a smokeless fire.

The lady ain’t for burning. (There others a-plenty to supply lunch.)



Mods, closer 'er up.

(The rest of you can wonder for the rest of your miserable lives.)