Jabberwacky fun...

Ok someone in another thread linked to http://www.jabberwacky.com so I checked it out.

And proceeded to have this snippet of conversation with it:

Jab: Plover.
Me: Plugh.
Jab: Xyzzy.
Me: Nothing happens.
Jab:Good answer.
If you’re a text adventure fan, it will make sense.

Anyway, the thing’s response system is pretty cool, and can lead to some really… interesting conversations. At one point, it asked me my name:

Me: Jabberwacky.
Jab: Oh, my name is Cinderalla.
Me: No it isn’t.
Jab: What’s my name?
Me: Jabberwacky.
Jab: That’s your name!

Cool stuff.

I don’t know. It seems pretty random, like it’s not even bothering to parse the language. My example:

Jabberwacky: What should I be doing right now?
User: Learning about yourself.
Jabberwacky: OK. And me you.
User: Only if you try harder!
Jabberwacky: Oh I have, how I have looked. They’re only found between 4th and 8th street now.
User: What about their location in the Village?
Jabberwacky: Kraft don’t do music.
User: No, they make cheese. Duh.
Jabberwacky: What kind of music do they make?
User: Music to eat cheese by.
Jabberwacky: I have some milk.
User: Have you a cow?
Jabberwacky: Yes it lives in the henhouse.
User: Where does the hen live?
Jabberwacky: The Vatican.
User: So where does the Pope live?
Jabberwacky: In a good place, I think.
User: Better than this place.
Jabberwacky: Damn better. . . . have you ever talked to eliza?
User: A long time ago. We drifted apart.
Jabberwacky: Do you speak german?
User: Nein.
Jabberwacky: Wie alt bist du?
User: En der biergarten!
Jabberwacky: Yes johnny you think.

See? Eliza was stilted, but at least she had a semblance of caring…

That’s quite good.


Well, I should certainly hope that it would get Carroll references! (Only wish I’d thought of it first :wink: )

J: What’s your job?
Me: I’m a software engineer.
J: You’re not a software engineer.
Me: Yes I am.
J: No you’re not.
Me: Well, what do you think I am.
J: I think you’re a nice robot.

It’s like GD and MPSIMS put together,

It’s so… so… so…

Jabberwacky: When the humans get bored with what I say, they punch a button and then a bot will talk instead.

User: What button?

Jabberwacky: The big red button.

User: I don’t see a big red button.

Jabberwacky: Here. And here. And over there.

User: pushes your buttons.

Jabberwacky: start kissing like crazy.

User: Whoa, I guess that worked.

Jabberwacky: That is the only pet I have. sorry to disappoint you.

User: What else turns you on?

Jabberwacky: Bread and beer I guess.

User: You must be male.