Jack Chick..Love him, Hate him or BUOHE?

BUOHE means of course, Blissfully Unaware of His Existance.

Up until yesterday when I clicked on a link in this thread I was the former. Now I have been permanently and irrevocably changed. I only wish I could say it was for the better.

I honestly don’t know whether this poor fool should be pitied, ignored or censured. All I do know is that I’m sure God–whoever and whatever he/she/it is could have picked a better PR man.

Actually, I think you forgot at least one category:
Regard him as a crackpot and give him the attention that he deserves, which is none.

I was introduced to his pamphlets as a young 'un. Even then I knew that he was a bit “misdirected” to say the least. Now, I regard him with the same opinion that I give to the preachers who rail on the evils of rock music. In short, I don’t think of him.

He amuses me greatly. I sent my atheist brother a whole box of Chick tracts for his birthday one year, which he loved.

Also, the parodies natually follow- here’s a puerile one that had me laughing 'til I cried at points.


Woo Hoo Mielikki that site is hysterical. It is also the inspiration for my new sig line debuting below.


OK, everybody join hands and form a circle around The Mermaid. Time to perform the exorcism.

Now, Mermaid, do you renounce Jack Chick and all his works?

Do you renounce disinformation in all it’s forms?

Do you renounce all badly drawn comic-type books?

Do you renounce hatred against Catholics, Jews, Muslims, practitioners of alternative lifestyles and Christians who aren’t fundamentalist enough?

Do you promise that, whenever handed a Chick Tract, you will do your best to refute the lies contained therein?

Do you promise that, as soon as the giver of the Chick Tract is out of earshot, you will throw the Chick Tract into the nearest trash can, it’s natural home?

(lays hands on The Mermaid’s head)

In the name of all that is true, or at least factually accurate, I command Jack Chick and his minions to depart from this child of reasonable intelligence, and to remove themselves to the more unpleasant regions of the universe.

And all the people said,


Say Halleluah I have been redeemed.

:eek: just re-read the OP. I meant to say I was the latter-BUOHE, never, never, never–did I say never? did I mean to say the former.
As far as I can tell, the only redeeming quality this man has is that he serves as the ultimate example of what a horse’s ass would produce if you gave it a pencil and paper-oh and some arms and hand and fingers and stuff. He is performing a public service, however, by providing us with a rich source of material just ripe for ridicule, parody, general disdain and amusement for all.

I dunno, he’s pretty good at drawing homoerotica-see Doom Town.

Also make sure to check either the yes box or the no box. Also, even though you don’t have to sign your name because God knows who you are, you still have to put down the date.

Slight hijack here. Just wanted to ask Thea Logica, who posted above, how the Left Behind series reading is going.

Well, I* was* BUOHE. Thanks a bunch for bringing him to my attention. :stuck_out_tongue:

I gotta say, though, that the parody stuff almost makes up for finding another repulsive fundie claiming to share my beliefs.
[sub]::Tranq runs off to find more Chick parodies… ::[/sub]

Well, I just started reading the SD about a month ago, and prior to that I was BUOHE. However, now that I have read his work, I must say that I enjoy his comics. I find them nearly as amusing as Sinfest and SluggyFreelance

PS This is the first time I have posted links too :wink:
Yeah for me!!! :slight_smile:


The above quote is taken from a letter that somebody wrote to CAP Alert, but I think it applies pretty well to Chick. Don’t bother trying to write satire, because none of it begins to compare to the original in terms of humor. This is true of many Fundies.

Until I started posting/reading at the SDMB, I was BUOHE. When I read my first tract I thought to myself . . . “This guy is just a bit too much of a zealot for me”. Now I see the crap he puts out and I wonder about the logic of those who actually believe any of that happens.

[anal grammar man]
Thea, you want its, not it’s, for “Do you renounce disinformation in all it’s forms?” and “the nearest trash can, it’s natural home?” FWIW.
[/anal grammar man]

And now back to yet another Jack Chick thread (YAJCT).

Who ?

Gosh, Anal Grammar Man, and I was concerned about the fact that I had left out the part about laughing hysterically before throwing the Chick Tract into the nearest trash can, its natural home. Sorry about the apostrophies, I was up past my bedtime.

Baker, just finished reading “The Mark” last week. I have arrived at the conclusion that African American characters are introduced for the sole and express purpose of having a minor character to kill off in the next novel. That’s eight down, and four as yet unpublished to go. Can’t wait to find out the exciting new ways Tim&Jerry will come up to pad what should have been a trilogy out to twelve books.

Thanks, Thea. I will look forward to your review. I really loved reading the thread about your “Left Behind” adventures!