Jeffery Toobin flashed his junk on a Zoom call to other New Yorker staffers

It’s 8 months old…not 18 years.

Accidentally broadcast himself jerking off on a work call. Yeah, they should find other legal experts than him, in perpetuity, and if the US only has one person that can voice opinions on the same topics as Tobin you need to revise your education system.

In CNN’s defense, it would be a tragedy if a rich white guy in his 60s were pushed into retirement.

Or into getting a different job. He might have to do actual lawyering. I hear that pays almost nothing.

It’s beyond incredible that Toobin wasn’t permanently fired.

Is there any other job where publicly whacking off wouldn’t get someone fired?

The weird world of broadcasting and entertainment is beyond me. There’s very little professional standards or integrity. Kevin Spacey is another example. He’s back making films.

Looking forward to the first time he gets heated in a panel debate, and someone tells him to keep his pants on.


I can’t believe they brought him back. If Toobin ever does anything, harasses anyone, in the course of his CNN employment, CNN is screwed. They knowingly hired a flasher. I’m not a lawyer, but I can imagine what a plaintiff’s lawyer could do with that.

Knowingly hired a flasher, is a bit of a hyperbolic way to say, “accidentally left his camera on while jerking it.”

Every single person with a penis in this thread has jerked off. Yes, even you, dear reader. Some of you have gotten caught. If this was an accident, it’s not worth getting blacklisted for life, IMHO.

Not at work.

If you were a writer, and were working form home for a year, you probably have.

Also, does the work bathroom count?

Good Lord. I don’t know about where you work, but where I work, anyone caught masturbating in the work bathrooms would be on the street so fast your head would spin.

Look, Toobin is clearly an idiot. And I really don’t care, personally, what CNN does with him. I don’t watch CNN anyway. Not my problem.

But, as I said, imagine what a plaintiff’s lawyer could do with this if Toobin is ever accused of any kind of impropriety or harassment or inappropriate behavior of any kind… Seriously. I’d pay money to watch that trial.

Wouldn’t go to trial. Would go to the cheque-writing department of CNN.

This is the same Toobin who harassed women? The masturbation thing is bad and should have led to termination, but CNN’s decision dives to unprecedented lows when you look at his history and realize that he will harass again. They should start saving their pennies now.