Jericho TV Show - "3rd Season" Graphic Novel

Due to being sick this week and having access to Netflix, I recently watched the entire two-season run of Jericho in one week and found myself enjoying it. I also found out that the “third season” was actually a graphic novel continuing the story.

I haven’t had a great deal of experience with graphic novels. I have read a couple, and even helped out as a “ghost artist” on two, but getting paid for something will keep you interested where you might not be otherwise. Some seem OK, but many, to me, seem overpriced for what you get.

Anyone read the Jericho graphic novel? Is it at more or less the same quality as the TV show in regards to having a story and plot? The artwork seems acceptable based on the one or two page images I’ve seen on line, I just wondering if it’s worth shelling out some of my limited entertainment budget for it.

I can’t give you a review (yet) but thank you because you reminded me this existed and I just ordered it from Amazon.

The reviews on Amazon are mostly good. I suppose I could take a chance on, it’s just that it would wipe out an entire month’s “book allowance” for me.