Jesus Exists

and as proof here is his picture in a Peruvian sand dune

I don’t know, that looks Photoshopped to me.

Jesus is the Phantom of the Opera?

Even assuming it’s not photoshopped, why would it be specifically Jesus? Maybe it’s really Moses. Or Brian. Or that weird recluse living at the end of the block that everybody says is a child molester but maybe is just lonely.

I mean that’s just silly. God go to all the trouble of making the wind blow a sand dune into the face of Brian.

Looks more like Nixon to me.

I think it looks more like Gandalf.

Do you happen to have a photograph of Jesus we can compare it to?

I had one but a hamster ate it.

How about this one
or this one
or this one
or even this one

For it to be photoshopped, that would mean someone had to edit the image that resides on Google’s servers, but I agree; it does look sort of fake. The fact that it happens to appear in perfectly upright orientation is also cause to suspect it.

What is with that family?

Dank freeway underpasses, toast, peruvian sand dunes… You’d think they’d get some better gigs.

No doubt there’s plenty of face-like images on these maps that are not oriented that way, just nobody notices them.

Of course, but I think they’d still be noticed if they were up to, say, 30 degrees off vertical either way; just seems a bit convenient that this one is so nearly vertical in orientation.

Ok, the image in the sand dune is definitely not him, then.

I was just going to say, before Mangetout mentioned…isn’t a great coincidence God decided to make this apparition appear so as to be oriented with Google’s satellite camera?

It is pretty cool, though. I don’t think it’s photoshopped, but I agree that it looks more like Gandalf.

Help me out here.

God paces around heaven pounding fist to palm, saying. . “I need something, something to make people believe. I need. . I need… . . Wait. I’ll swirl up some sand-dunes to look like my Son. . . Yes!. . .Bingo!”

Is that sort of what they’re thinking here?

(If I don’t respond to your e-mail, it’s just because I’ve been incinerated by a bolt of 1.25 gigavolts from above.)

Darn Peru gets all the Jesus Dunes…

grumble grumble

Yes, yes . . . in the middle of the Peruvian desert, where it can only be seen by satellite . . .

:smack: No, no, that won’t work! I know! I’ll make his image appear on a tortilla! No, on the side of a soybean oil tank! No, I’ve got it! A garage door!

Looks like Bin Laden.

I was gonna say Aragorn, as portrayed by Viggo Mortensen. Should Viggo be Jesus, there would be a religion I could get behind.