Just got back from the Used CD store. Woo Hoo!

After trading in a bunch of old CDs and cassettes, this is what I got:

Bjork: Gling-Glo. A really cool import disc.
They Might Be Giants: Lincoln
Morrissey: Kill Uncle
The Smiths is Dead: A compilation with some really cool covers of Smiths songs.
Bronski Beat: Truthdare Doubledare (C’mon, you remember “Hit that perfect beat boy” Dontcha?)

I realize these are all old but, christ, there’s nothing new that has really piqued my interest lately. So, what have you guys picked up at the music store recently?

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Democritus wrote

That does sound cool. What bands do the covers? What songs are on it?

I’ve browsed at the local record shop lately, but haven’t bought anything in awhile. I’m still looking for a used Untouchables (the ska band, not the movie soundtrack) cd.

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So far my favorite one i got recently is:
Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes - Live at the Greek
its an AWESOME album… very well done, and if you are a fan of them you should definitely get it
and some blues cds:

BB King - Live in San Quentin
John Lee Hooker - live in newport
Buddy Guy - My time after a while
Howlin’ Wolf - London Sessions
Roy Buchanan - Roy Buchanan

I havent listened to these that much yet

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The Queen is Dead- The Boo Radleys
Frankly Mr Shankly-The High Llamas
I Know It’s Over-The Trash Can Sinatras (This is AWESOME)
Never Had No One Ever-Billy Bragg
Cemetary Gates-The Frank & Walters
Bigmouth Strikes Again-Placebo
The Boy With A Thorn In His Side-Bis
Vicar In A Tutu-Therapy?
Ther Is A Light That Never Goes Out-The divine Comedy
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others-Supergrass

My latest purchase is Two Against Nature by Steely Dan. It’s exceptional.

I sat down to read the liner notes and lyrics last night… those boys are STRANGE. The lyrics reveal that the first very nice little ditty on the album is all about driving the neighbor lady crazy (Gaslighting Abbie), replacing her lightbulbs with 15-watters and such. It gets better from there (Uncle Dupree: “and what’s so strange about a down-home family romance?”). I love it!

I read a review by David Wild not long ago and this line is still cracking me up:

As always in Steely Dan’s marvelously impressionistic world, we often don’t know what the hell the people in the songs are actually doing, but we’re pretty damn certain they shouldn’t be doing it at all.

Ty-Bob says “Check it out!”

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At least they give me money, often I don’t find anything. I ordered a Cd of an LP I sold 20 years ago. I was thinking good I sold it then, it would be worth 10c now. And I still remember the music well enough to find it again. I’ve been dragging some 300-400 LPs around, half of which were never on CD.

You gotta sell some, buy some if you are a serious fan. Otherwise you end up like my net pal Ed with 40 000 LPs and tapes.

I have been on a CD binge the past couple of weeks.

My last 2 visits netted the following:

Ramones Anthology- Hey Ho Let’s Go!- Double disc

They Might Be Giants- Then: The Earlier Years- Double disc

Duran Duran-Greatest

Smiths-Singles ( a replacement)


Queen-Greatest Hits

West Side Story-Soundtrack

Apollo Four Forty-Gettin High on Your Own Supply

Violent Femmes- Add It Up- -(the 3rd time I have bought this CD)

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Perhaps I can render you all insane with jealousy…

I am an employee emeritus of the local record chain (3 in town). I get the employee discount, meaning that most of the used discs are only 2 or 3 bucks. I’ve gotten tons of 'em.

Sweet Basil

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I am a notorious CD binger. After several weeks of abstinence, I went on a bender a couple weeks ago that yielded the following:

KMFDM - Angst
Delerium - Semantic Spaces
Dead Can Dance - The Serpent’s Egg
Skinny Puppy- Remission
Bauhaus- 1979-1983 Vol. 1
Kevorkian Death Cycle - Dark Skies
:wumpscut: - Embryodead

You can tell what kind of a mood I was in. In addition to this, I have connections at my college radio station, and sometimes I can get excess promos from them. This is how I came by The Cure’s latest, for example. In any event, I should have more than enough listening material to keep me busy for the next several weeks, then I suppose I’ll just have to terrorize a few record stores again…

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This isn’t exactly on point, but I have to make this plug anyway. Last friday I saw this guy named Johnny Dowd at D.C. club the black cat and he totally rocked!!! He played this bizarre twisted blues ala Tom Waits, but with a kick-ass loudasabomb guitar, and this really creepy bass synthesiser. The songs are powerful and beautiful, compeletly unpretentious and sung by somebody who’s lived it. (He is a 55 yr old furniture mover.) The Only way to really describe it is maybe Tom waits singing with nine inch nails. He has a website http://www.Johnnydowd.com where you can order CD’s.

Check him out next time he’s in town. Hey, his cute backup singer even shared her bottle of Bushmill’s with me and my buddy.

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Democritus, I’m going to have to pick up that Smiths cd…sounds awesome.

Some of my recent acquisitions:

Throwing Muses - The Real Ramona (my third copy, I keep losing them)

Lit - The new one.

Rhapsody in Blue - Watched a doumentary on Gershwin.

Raffi - Songs from the Corner Store, for my kid.

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Used CD’s rule. You can come up with some real finds and rare imports that you frequently can’t find anywhere new, unless you have the store special order them for you.

I picked up a used copy of Deep Purple’s self titled third album, the one with the Bosch painting on the cover, available only as an import, if at all. I’ve never seen another copy of it before or since. I just want to know what possessed the person who bought it in the first place to turn around and sell it.

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But then again, what do I know all I’ve been listening to lately is BIS. GOD I love BIS!You EuroDopers can mock me all you want, but here in the U.S. BIS is pretty damn close to indie rock. Any AmeriDopers heard of em?

See, I was never able to bing my cd’s. I’ve tried, but that hole is WAAAAY too small. :slight_smile:

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Sheesh…If I only had a dollar for every dollar I’ve spent in a used cd shop, I’d…

…well, I’d get all my used music for free!

I’ve picked up a bunch of singles & albums from KMFDM including some rare releases. Infectious Grooves/Sarsippius’ Ark which I promptly ruined (grrrrr)

Most recently I picked up The Muffs/Blonder and Blonder, Planet Soul/Energy and Harmony, Cyberpunk Fiction-a synthcore soundtrack, and PIL/9.

Used record stores rule.

Good taste in music. hehe I have 4 of those. In fact, I listened to nothing but the Ramones Anthology last time I drove to Albuquerque. lemme tell ya…38 straight hours of fuzzy guitars will do really weird stuff to you. Or maybe it was the 38 hours without sleep.

I digress.

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StoryTyler, isn’t that CD great? I bought it, along with Tracy Chapman’s new Telling Stories the other day. OK, dad bought it, fully expecting to listen to it sometime. I haven’t let him have it yet. :slight_smile:

So THAT’S what it’s about. Heh, don’t you love that Cousin Dupree? I mean, where do they GET these lyrics? Some corner of the human psyche best left unexplored by the majority of the population, is my best guess.

(And yeah, I’m 16 and listening to my parents’ music. Wanna make something of it?)

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Don’t laugh but I don’t have any music cds. I work for a music cd store, though.


the bands on the CD are British Bands with the exception of the Frank and Waters, Divine Comedy, Therapy?, and the High Llama’s, who are all Irish.

I would recommend anyone to listen to anything by the Divine Comedy, (particularly their new(ish) CD, A Secret History.
They are a brilliant band.