Just saw an awesome commercial..

For Skytel cellular phones. Setting- an opera. Guys phone rings and he answers it;people are getting pissed. He talks loudly on it (and rudely) and the female opera singer (dress in traditional “opera” garb) hurls the spear she’s carrying and spears through his phone. Everyone applauds. Take that rude idiots in public!

I bring it up here because a while back there was quite a debate on rude people/kids in public. This commercial was great. (It was for a new product that you can type info into rather then rudely answering your phone in the movies or at the Opera)

Some mornings it just doesn’t seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.

Sounds like a good commercial…

Remeber that old SNL “commercial” about the window mounted laser that would blow up any car with a car alarm parked outside your home, so you could get a good nights rest?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Oo, oooooo! She shouts from the back of the room like Horshack.

How about the one where the guy will do anything, even get TAMPONS for his woman because of her hair? What a MAN!

I loved that Maddux/Glavine “Chicks love the long ball” commercial that was running earlier this summer…

Contestant #3

Yes, C#3, that commercial rocked!

I’ve seen that one too, Zette. Pretty funny!

My current favorite commercial is the Ameritrade.com one with Stewat, the cyberpun in the office, helpig his older boss with his brand new account.

At the end, as he’s leaving, he gives the boss a flyer. “I’m having a party this weekend…”

Old guy: “I’m really going to try and make it!”

Stewart: “Rock on!”

Since we all know a lot of offices where the older, distinguished boss type is at the mercy of a punk like him, once again reality is a great instigator for great, funny fiction!

Yer pal,

In a similar vein, how about the overwhelming number of commercials where the product is SO good, the people are willing to commit any crime short of murder to get it.

An unwitting comment on our consumerist society.

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I think my favorite commercial ever was one of the faux-commercials for “Jookie” in the middle of an ad for Sprite (or 7Up, it was that great an ad I don’t even remember the product). This particular spot involved a little animated creature which flew out of the groceries at the family’s kitchen table. The family, of course, is absolutely terrified. A little animated critter flying around in their kitchen! They run screaming from the kitchen. One of them trips in panic. The little creature is undaunted, singing it’s cheerful tune, pursuing the family apparently unaware of its effect on their psyches.

This somehow seques into an ad for a white soda. Don’t remember how.

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I also like the Yahoo commercial in which the punk is discovered by his friends to be quilting. They laugh. . .he gets on Yahoo. . .and it ends with him surrounded by sweet young things, quilting a deaths head.

Flick Lives!

Satan, have you seen the follow-up commercial w/ “Stewat”?
He’s dating the daughter of a very upscale broker. Stewart gets chased by the guard dogs across the estate, bails into pool to escape them and barges, dripping wet, into the Martha Stewart family al fresco gathering.
Horrified snobbish Dad tries to intimidate Stewart about his use of Net trading. Good ol’ “Stewat” goes into an edgy rant about ripping the guts out of the stock market, etc.
Parents look horrified, girlfriend chirps that she wants to have his baby, and Stewart just says, “Let’s eat!” and head off to raid the dinner table.
Pretty funny stuff!

The current M&M’s cannibalism commercial is hilarious: “You don’t eat your own kind. It’s not natural.”

I like the one with Death taking a day off, catching butterflies and skipping through a field full of flowers. Can’t remember what it’s for, but it makes me smile every time.

There’s also one for an allergy drug that has a chick playing tennis getting attacked by a giant dandelion. Cracks me up, and I have no idea why.

I like the one with the guy buying tampons for his girlfriend, too. There’s another one where he asks for directions. I’m waiting for the one where he actually puts the toilet seat back down.

I love that M&M commercial, too…The guy looks at them and says, “You don’t eat your own kind.” So the M&Ms all look at each other, and switch bags…ROTFL!

An older one I really liked was at the beginning of the “Got Milk?” campaign…It won a Clio in 1994.

All I have to say is, “Buh ih wah Aawon Buwh!”

Drain, the one w/ Death skipping through the fields is for Jeep. I, too, find it funny.

Thus far, I’ve either not seen the guy buying tampons, or it’s not showing in the KC market.

Flick Lives!


Because of her hair? Why doesn’t she just put it on the shopping list?


Because shes a women tomndebb, she cant make things easy for a man. It has to done the hard way, and NOW. NOT AFTER YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW GOES OFF… NOW!!!

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Oh yeah, i frogot

F*** Drainbead!!!

just kidding!

Left me over in the ERC with that Jeniffer bitch…

Hey, it was none of my doing! :wink:

I have to actually WORK over here, you know?

My personal favorite is a commercial for Battletanx: Global Assault. It starts out with a Six-Million Dollar Man type montage for a teddy bear (who looks suspiciously like the one in those fabric softener ads.) Anyway, the scientists who rebuilt him are seen waving him off, and he walks down the road a bit before immediately getting run over by a tank.

And this actually isn’t on a funny level, but the ad for Wipeout 3 is the coolest commercial I’ve ever seen. It kind of defies description, though.

I think that Geico has done a great job with their advertisements. The radio ones are mediocre, but the TV ones are spectacular. I love the one that goes something like this:

:::extreme darkness:::

Parents: Do your homework, Billy.

Billy: Why can’t we use electricity like all the other kids?

Parents: There are plenty of candles in teh basement.

:::series of thuds, a crash, and a shrieking cat:::

Parents: BILLY!

Billy: Wasn’t me.

All: Grandma?

Grandma: I’m okay… I’ll just walk it off…

Then the ad pops up, asking, “How are you saving for your retirement?”

It cracks me up every time, as do most of their others.