Keep your fingers crossed for Tiniest Minion of Sauron

I spent much of the afternoon at the doctor with Tiniest Minion of Sauron AKA Joshua. He has been running 104 degree fevers, not eating, not drinking, burning up and miserable.

After blood work, a throat culture and a chest x-ray it was decided he has 2 ear infections, a raw little throat and pneumonia. They gave him a shot of Rocepherin (sp?) and sent us home with the instructions to come back this morning at 9:15. If he isn’t any better then we will be checking into Children’s Hospital for the weekend.

I DO NOT want to be in the hospital again. He was there back in January for 4 days with the RSV virus (nasty, nasty thing) and it broke my heart. He had to have an IV and they had to tape him to an armboard to keep his arm still. He pulled his IV out twice. Nurses and unfamiliar people coming in and out sticking him and hurting him. He was not a happy camper and neither was Mommy.

So…keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, light a candle, etc.

Just send good vibes our way to hopefully keep us out of the hospital.


Poor little minion. How old is the little guy?

Prayers coming. I’m sure no little minion could have a better Mom.

That’s awful! Lots of good vibes towards him (and the whole Sauron Clan, as well.)

18 months old.

If it will make him feel better then of course I want to do what is best…I just hope we can avoid the hospital.

Sauron and another one of the minions have a camping trip planned for tonight and tomorrow and I certainly don’t want the minion to miss that. I am trying to convince them to go ahead and go. I can handle the hospital thing for one night if it comes down to that.

I spoke to my mother a little while ago (she is with him until his appointment so I could get some work things done…obviously that is going real well since I’m posting here) and she said he seemed much better and that he ate a little bit of breakfast.

Yay! Keep those good vibes coming! :slight_smile:

Prayers, hug, good vibes headed your way!

Oh poor baby :frowning: I hope he feels better soon!

Oh, the poor little guy!
Sending good thoughts out for your family.
If it does happen that you have to go in for a small stay and he has another IV, after they tape it down and put the board on have them cut a foam cup in half and tape it over the site. It’s big and clunky, but it cuts down on it being played with or pulled out.

All my best vibes are headed your way. Here’s hoping he bounces back right away.

Aries, y’all are in my thoughts, prayers, and whatever else I have to give. Been there, done that, well at least close to it, with Mini2U - I know how hard it can be. Let me know if I can be of help, Ok? I’m there for you both. {{{Aires and Sauron}}}

Oh I’m so sorry. Poor little guy, he must be miserable! Healing thoughts and prayers heading your way.

Poor little keebler…I’ve been there. It sucks. Hope he’s feeling better.

Back from the doc.

Gave Joshie another shot (yuck!) and sent us home with a prescription.

No daycare for 7-10 days. No contact with other kids.

Has to come back for a recheck on Monday, Nov. 3 unless he seems to get worse. If he doesn’t start showing some improvement then it will be off to the hospital.

Thanks for the good vibes, prayers and thoughts. Appreciated much. :slight_smile:

There’s nothing much more difficult than seeing your child in distress. Fortunately, the ability of children to rebound from these things is amazing and I hope this too is short and he’s feeling better soon.

Wow. I hope Tiniest Minion gets better soon!

Sending good thoughts and chicken soup down your way!


Be Well, little one.

Here’s hoping he’s well soon. Sorry for your anxious times, Aries28. Take care of you, too.

See, now, if the doctors had prescribed The One Ring for him, he’d be better already.

Modern medicine indeed. Where’s magic when you need it?

I suppose y’all are too far away from Mount Doom for such a journey to be practical…

[sub]That’s a joke, folks…[/sub]

What lieu said. I had no concept of what real fear was, until the Skeezling got herself an ear infection that seemed immune to antibiotics last year.

That sucks, Aries.

Our best to y’all and the little goblin. Kids do tend to pull some amazing recoveries. Here’s hoping for yet another.

Poor thing! Hope things are looking up soon.

7-10 days with no daycare? That’s a hella long time to juggle not working!!