Kevo4us, c'mon down!

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile…
Kevo4us, c’mon down to the Pit.

Let’s catch everyone playing at home up.
I came into the little high school of about 200 people lost and confused. Of course I stuck with the people in the band. Kevo4us was, being a junior at the time, one of the oldest in my section. He hung around with two girls named Amanda and Terri. At the time he was dating Amanda and had been for awhile. I joined in and we had some fun. Hanging out on the weekends, screwing around during games, the usual, fun high school stuff. Things were good.:slight_smile:

Things weren’t going well between Kevo4us and Amanda. Everyone saw this, and everyone also saw something between him and Terri. They were both very touchy-feely and flirted all the time. This was the beggining of the end.:frowning:

Kevo4us made the decision to go to Terri early March of this year. This was while he was still going out with Amanda. The two of them decided to stay together through Prom since he was a junior and she was a senior. After prom, they split up and, if you get Kevo4us’s side of the story, Terri was the only one there for him. This is simply absurd, because even Amanda was being supportive and, honestly, he broke up with her, what’s he need support for?

End of the year the band went to Cedar Point. On the way home there are differing accounts of what happened. I saw Kevo4us and Terri making out in the back of a fucking band bus, he will deny all of it. We had some fun with that, threw some loose change and such. Pretty much pissed them off.

Conversation was minimal throughout the summer. He and Terri finally decided to give it a go and actually say they are dating each other. Amanda and I hung out. Situation hasn’t changed since then.

Ok, everyone caught up? Good…
Here’s my rant. Kevo, I respected you and looked up to you as a role model. You had it all, good friendships, some musical talent, good bit of intellect. Then you went and did possibly the most backstabbing, underhanded thing I can think of. And you did it without any feelings of remorse, you thought you were in the right the entire time. I despise you, and aspire only to succeed where you failed. I guess if you can’t be a role model, at least be a warning to those around you. See you around.

You do realize that nothing that happens in High School has any relevance on your real life, once you become an adult? right?
None at all.

look Ben, I’m not going to say what I have done in the past was right or wrong, because I understand that I am human and I do make mistakes. Doesn’t mean I haven’t learned from them, or that I don’t regret making them, it just means I have accepted the fact I’ve made mistakes.

Now look, if you looked up to me as a role model, then great, I’m glad for that. If you don’t know, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it. Saying I had it all is a big stretch from the truth. I didn’t have it all. Even now being the happiest I can ever remember being, I still don’t have it all. If you recall, the last year I was with Amanda I wasn’t happy very much. I’m not saying the times I was happy weren’t great, nor am I saying that it’s anyone’s fault, I’m just stating that I wasn’t very happy. Amanda and I just had many differences of opinions and views about stuff. We were two completely different people and had many personality clashes, more then I’m sure she’s ever told you. While I enjoyed dating Amanda, and learned a lot from her and am the person I am today because of her, She and I dating was a mistake that I had feared from the beginning. We only really got to know each other for a month before I asked her out. If we would have taken the time to really get to know each other, we wouldn’t have dated. What I didn’t realize was that we were/are two completely different people. I am peaceful, laid back, and quite reserved. she is outspoken about her beliefs, and (and she has told me this) stubborn. Not in a good way, not in a bad way, just in a way. Therefore, seldom did we come to a complete agreement on anything.

Now, why did we date for a year and a half then if we couldn’t agree on much? I don’t really know and I can’t give you a honest answer other than we both wanted it to work. I can honestly say I wanted it to work, not for the whole time, but for a part of it
. I can’t speak for her of course, but for me, I wanted it to work.
now look, I’m hoping that we can come to some sort of agreement on this, because fighting and all this is not worth it, and it’s not going to get us anywhere. I hope we can at least come to a cease fire. I don’t know if we will ever be friends again, but maybe we can just calm everything down and just be able to resolve issues in other places then on SDMB

Excellent advice, kevo4us. This matter is definitely something that needs to be handled in person or some other avenue of communication that is private. Airing dirty laundry about someone’s personal life on a message board of 35000+ registered members (and god knows how many lurkers) ain’t a kosher thing to do. Really, this isn’t the best place for it.

I hope you two do manage to find a way to resolve this matter. Good luck to you both.

Wait a second. kevo is going with Amanda. He breaks up with Amanda. He then may or may not have done something with Terri. Then he officially gets together with Terri.

I don’t see the problem here. What underhanded, backstabbing thing did he do?

This is high school.

[three tins of baked beans]
[/three tins of baked beans]

Really! Why bring us into this?

** Brilharma**, you could have ranted about how you felt and not named kevo4us.

Just for the record, this kind of shit happens wherever there are humans present. Because of the hormones flying around, they cling to each other for love, ego-boosting, emotional support, and sometimes a little nookie. It happens. It doesn’t make them bad people.

From what I understood from the OP, he was going out with Amanda, did something with Terri, broke up with Amanda, and then got together officially with Terri. Or something.

Bringing outside disagreements onto the boards is never a good thing.

OK, I think this is enough. More than enough, really. Take care of it privately.

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