Killer Kangeroos!

Complete with big sharp pointy teeth!


Here’s a pic

The Return of the Kangaroo Rex

Even more interesting is the bit about the “demon ducks of doom”.

I see movie potential.

Setting: Prehistoric Australia

An aboriginal caveman is holding a spear and quietly stalking something. Suddenly he gets the feeling that he is not alone. He slowly turns, his eyes widen and he is frozen with fear. The camera stays focused on the panicked caveman and starts to fade to black as we hear an ominous “quack”.

I noticed a related story on that sire. Australia is on an angry kangaroo alert. Could the kangaroos be reverting back to their prehistoric state?

I wish I lived somewhere that had “angry kangaroo alerts”. We just get hurricane and tornado alerts… boooorrrrriinng!

If you could somehow get the karnivorous kangaroos to eat the rabbits, it would be a good thing…

meh…it’s the killer koalas you have to watch out for!

Hey, I thought that sounded familiar :slight_smile:

For those not in the know, that’s from the book Mirabile, by Janet Kagan (some of which was published separately. With a story about the Loch Moose Monster, I had to own it). Very entertaining reading.


Great. One more animal the wife will make me buy for her. :rolleyes:

Cool, says I.

That’s just to wierd.
Them fellers been drinkin’ some of that industrial strength Aussie beer.

As noted over in the “dinosaur” thread in GD, Pleistocene Australia had some amazing critters. First, a giant monitor related to the living Komodo dragon that was evidently about the size and shape of a subcompact car. Then a giant wombat the size of a hippopotamus. A marsupial lion (Thylacoleo) – although South America had the marsupial sabertooth Thylacosmilus.

And all this is ignoring the fact that probably half the species in and around Australia are venomous.

I’m thinking that either Anaheim Mighty Ducks or the Tampa Bay Devil Rays should immediately drop their team names and adopt this one.

Well, them and the Drop Bears.

And the team’s slogan can be “Don’t fuck with the Demon Ducks of Doom!” :smiley:

from the cited article:

Anyone lurking and thinking of registering as soon as they find a good screen name?

Exactly!!! Careful not to confuse these with Bundaberg Rum’s polar bear interloper!