"King of the Nerds" returns for Season 2!

The thing is the Nerds form Season one and a lesser extant from Season 2 remind me a people I know, that’s why they seemed like good casting. They could have gone with LA Reality Show Central casting with just a sheen of “LOL I’m Such a Nurd” but they didn’t do that. Sure they went for people that they hope make for good TV but it could have been worse. I expected the worst when the show was first airing ads to the point where I avoided the first episode when it first aired. But I caught it later because reviews were good and I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m expecting the guys whose only skill seems to be Pokemon to go pretty quickly. He’s plenty nerdy, but that specialty is so specific, and he said he’s no good at math or science, that I can’t see him lasting long.

A lot of drama in last night’s episode, which I didn’t mind because nerd drama is kind of adorable in a way that usual reality drama isn’t.

Hated the way it turned out but should make things interesting at least.

I’m still not sure why Chemist Girl was so set on hiding she’s a Chemist. I mean who cares?

Also it’s official, Mary Kate is kind of cute.

Totally agree. This is a show that values knowledge and usefulness - NOT saying you are a chemist is a stupid thing!

My vote is going for Kayla. I like her style and philosophy. However, since they have her doing narration, I think her time might be short.

The guy who dropped the ring should have been voted off. He blew the presentation.

Zach, however, shows all the signs of improper socialization. The moment things went wrong for him, he turned on his teammates. Its all or nothing for that guy.

And has anyone found whats-his-name’s youtube channel?


Called it!

Totally disagree.

If Zach had a modicum of social skills\wasn’t brain dead her actions would have made perfect sense. By teaming with someone with the creative skill set they would have complemented each other and he could have prevented other people on their team from voting against each other and thus negating the weakness of not revealing her strength in Math and Science to the rest of her own team.

On the other hand by the other team not knowing her strengths she becomes MUCH less of a target and has a better chance of not being picked by the other team.

Not really, I’m pretty sure they still would have lost. Regardless, Zach did close to jack shit to help in the first place.

Zach has gone batcrap!

Sorry adhemar. Your friend was just eliminated.

I think Zach really does have some kind of mental problems. He looked like he was about to physically attack Mary Kate when he started screaming and laughing at her for no reason. There is something wrong with him.


Yeah I believe Zach needs help but I felt really bad for him when literally everyone shunned him. That said, I really really wanted Mary Kate to win.

I know a guy with Asperger’s, and he acts a lot like Zach.

I just wish he would stop shouting “For the Forsaken!” all the time. You’re not your WoW character, dude.

It also seems somewhat clear to me that purple-haired chick (Katie?) also has some emotional weaknesses given how quickly she lost it and ran off to go cry when Kayla was being disagreeable during the team challenge in Episode 2. It can be hard to tell from the edit, but I didn’t think Kayla was being that argumentative at all, so flipping out that quickly is a bad sign. Luckily, the purple team has been pretty stable so far, so it hasn’t been an issue.

I think I’m going to call this season officially a Sophomore Slump. Still watching but this cast is just not as engaging as Season One’s. Also Zach alternates between being sad and scary.

I liked this Nerd-off. It was interesting and challenging and weird. And Zach to be growing, at least a bit, as a real human. The giant robot was awesome!

I liked the robot and the zombie game, but I think I’m done with the show. The thing I was hoping to see never materialized, and now it seems it never will.

In the promo ads, they showed Nicole in her full Third Doctor regalia, and I was looking forward to seeing what they did with that (I had hopes it would show up during the cosplay challenge). But now that Nicole is eliminated, unless they somehow bring her back I don’t think I’m gonna get to see it. Disappointed.

Also, is it just me or is the format for this show reeaaally slow? I mean, this kind of stuff is right up my alley since I’m a big ol’ nerd, but it seems like things take forever to happen and most of the attempts at “drama” just fall flat.

I think it only feels that way because this is a less interesting and likable cast than last year.