Kordell Stewart is history

The Steelers officially released Kordell today, ending an era of “What was Cowher thinking?” and “I can’t believe he kissed him!”

It was reported that he may end up in Baltimore. :wink:

I liked him somewhat, but he had a tendency of folding under pressure. Tommy Maddox is the fans’ favorite now, as long as he can win most games.

Jerome Bettis may go as well, but the rumor mill reports that Neil O’Donnell may come back to the Steelers. shudder

I’m not even a Steelerphan and I got tired of watching that guy tank. Enough was enough!

I think Cower had a great idea in ol’ Kordell. An all around player, who can run, catch and throw. Unfortunatly Kordell wasn’t shining in any of the categories. snicker You just know some hopeless bunch is going to pick him up and try to fit him into thier scheme.

Hey, I’ll take Kordell over Jeff Blake any day. It sounds way too much like the Tom Brady/Drew Bledsoe story of last year.

I won’t comment on how many times I’ve cursed Stewart’s name over the years.

If Jerome Bettis goes, I will weep like a child.

Then I will become a Ravens fan.

I think that Kordell was given a pretty fair chance to perform but just didn’t quite have all the skills. Sometimes a new team or environment will turn a career around, so someone will take a chance on him I’m sure.

Maybe Cinci could pick him up. He’d be better than Kitnaception.

Cinci? They would rather have a cheap draft pick like Carson Palmer. With his experience, Kordel is expensive.

I’ll feel so sorry for Carson Palmer if he is drafted by the Bungles.

It’s too bad that Kordell couldn’t make the jump to the next level. At CU, he was always fun to watch and in the running for the Heisman in 1997, I believe.

Eh, just goes to show one more time that the Heisman is all about college ball, and nothing about pro ball.

I’m sure he’ll wash up somewhere. So to speak.

CU had such a nice football draft class in 1997. Kordell, Rashan “where’s my bong?” Salaam, Michael Westbrook. Oh well, maybe another year.

Speaking as a Michigan fan who bluffed my way to 50 yard line seats on Sept 24, 1994, He was very much not fun to watch in college. Die annoying scrambling bitch. :mad:

I am happy to finally see Kordell get out of Pittsburgh. It wasn’t that the guy doesn’t have some talent…it’s just that I held my breath every single time he had the ball in his hands, and you shouldn’t have to do that with a quarterback.

I would be sad to see Bettis go, but he’s not really his old self anymore. Zeroue has the potential to be a great back, and it’ll be interesting to see if the Steelers can move the running game to a quick, agile offense, as opposed to the ‘ram the ball down the opponents’ throats’ approach that worked with Bettis.

Anyway, I hope that Maddox can continue his impressive play from last season and bring Pitt another Super Bowl ring…it’s been too long since the last one.

Jman (born a Steelers fan, and I’ll die a Steelers fan)

Darnit…I post that, with my “Steelers fan forever” kind of mentality, then slip up, and spell Zereoue’s name wrong. :smack:

2 things this thread makes me think of:

  1. Growing up in Denver I am a huge CU fan. I have bought exactly one game of any sport on PPV ever. Considering that game was CU-Michigan, I feel like a satisfied customer.

  2. I like the idea of bringing Kordell to Atlanta, for the right price. Set him up as the 3rd string QB behind Vick and Doug Johnson. But, I think his abilities match well with an offense that can use multiple odd sets and shifts based on the abilities of their QB. Adding another weapon that can run and catch, and throw an occasional pass might make the offense just a little tougher to guard. And, the Falcons need wide receiver upgrades. He could be a good choice for a 3rd WR.

I am far too weak to resist engaging in pedantry regarding matters of the hallowed pigskin. I apologize in advance for the following …

Stewart was drafted with the 28th pick in the second round of the 1995 NFL Draft.

Ooh shit, my bad bordelond, I was strictly going from memory, and we lived in Boulder from '94-'97, so I knew I would at least be close! :smiley: So the “draft class” part of my post is worng too, sorry about that. Now that you mention it, I realize it was the '94 season I was thinking of. You would have thought that the memory would go so quickly?

wolfman, I’m sorry but your post had my husband and laughing out loud!

Man did Kordell suck. Maybe he’ll thrive in another setting, but I doubt it.

Like most of these gimmick-QB guys, he couldn’t do the one thing you need to be able to do as a QB, no matter what your overall style is - stay in the pocket and be an actual QB for a little while.

P.S. I’ve heard gay rumors about Kordell. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…) True?


Not that it matters.

I’m very split over Kordell being released.

One one hand, I just felt like he had more than enough time to completely develop and it was always something. Not always his fault but certainly always obstacles that prevented him from attaining his “promise”.

On the other hand, I’ll miss the things he brought to a game. I’ll miss his ability to scramble, his durability, his… damn, can’t think of other things at the moment. erp!

I am concerned however about Tommy. Love the guy, really, but I’m concerned about his durability and also his level of play tapered off significantly as the season went on. Especially after coming back after the Tennessee hit.

Oh, and TLW, although I too would be greatly saddened to see The Bus leave the Burg - do me a favor and jump the bandwagon now. The Steeler’s really don’t need fair weather fans who are only there based on who is on the roster this year.


I was a Kordell supporter for many years. I always said that the one Offensive Coordinater the steelers had that one year ruined him but trying to make him stay in the pocket.

However, last year I finally said it was time to get rid of him. I wish him luck wherever he goes, but I’m glad the steelers are moving on.

Looks like he’s going to Shytown, which is good, the Ravens were reportedly interested, YIKES!

Then again, a big-ish name QB who has lots of talent but tends to fold under pressure and make turnovers…By God he is a Ravens QB!