Steelers 0-16 this year?

The way they are playing this season, they are by far the WORST team in the league. They can’t protect the ball, they can’t stop the run or the pass, and special teams suck.

Many people were crowing about the Steelers being a candidate for the Super Bowl this season. Many other people looked at this and put the Steelers in their sights for a pounding.

I don’t know how to explain their success last season; they look worse than a JV high school team in these last two games.

They will probably find a way to lose next week…
:wink: I know next week is their bye week. They will lose, in an inventive way.

Enough crying for now. i plan to watch the rest of the season, just to see how bad it gets. Fucking Kordelled again. Bring on batch; it may be a new way to lose.

Once again, we see typical Stiller arrogance and blinders, and I, for one, am sick of it.

WORST team in the league? Pal, you’re not even the worst team in your division. The Ravens suck far, far more than Shitsburgh does, and don’t you ever forget it. I am even going so far as to guarantee a Raven loss when we meet in October, and a worse one at your place in December. Baltimore can out fumble, out stumble, out bumble any team in the league, any time, any place. I contend that the Stillers will have no answer to offensive dis-ordinator Matt Cavinaugh’s delayed handoff and five yard screen plays on 3rd and 25. Kordell Steward dosen’t have any hope on NOT outplaying a Baltimore defense that surrounds it’s core of all stars with Pop Warner also-rans. Worst team in the league? Typical bluster from towel waving crybabies who think IC Light is the pinacle of the brewers craft. We’re WAAAYYYYY worse than you, and I got a case of Natty Boh backing that statement up. Baltimore is the crem de la crap in the cellar of the AFC North this year.

And don’t you forget it.

Hey, they really made the Super Bowl last year, right? I mean, isn’t that what they said? That they were the ones who belonged there?

Yep, I’m from Boston.

The Steelers suck. Hard. And they’re a bunch of winey little assholes, too.

No. Rams 0-16. Hee hee!!

If only the Steelers had a REAL quarterback to go along with their rather large collection of quarterback/running back/wide receiver individuals.

Take it easy, boys! Don’t forget, I am in Cincinnati, where we aspire to the current ineptitude of the Stillers or the Ravens. At least you’ve been somewhere recently. Like the playoffs.


PS, sorry to all Steeler and Rams fans: I seem to have jinxed your teams by picking them to match up with each other in this Super Bowl. In the name of goodwill for all I hereby rescind those predictions and choose instead San Diego over Carolina. Yeah, I know, not likely, but I expected both of those teams to suck and they’re both 2-0.

Not as long as the Lions are still an NFL team…

Flymaster, shall we start where we left off? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding. I don’t have the effort or the will to defend the Steelers at this point.

It took me an hour to get back in here.

After seeing Porter get the Player of the Week and his humble refusal of the honor; I think the lesson has been learned.

Will this make a difference? Kordell is the key. Either get your act together, Kordell, and do well; or fuck up completely and let Maddox or Batch have a chance.

Oh, and Flymaster, since I have Troy Brown on my fantasy team, I’m rooting with you for a while. Isn’t football great?

Cry me a river.

Bust out the 1970s tapes. Polish your case full of Lombardi trophies. Go visit your WING in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I’m a Lions fan.

Feel better?

As they said on ESPN tonight, “The good news for Joey Harrington is, he’s starting at quarterback for the Detroit Lions in their home opener Sunday. The bad news for Harrington is, he’s starting at quarterback for the Detroit Lions in their home opener Sunday.”

It’s football season already?

Folks, read the bio!

I’m from Milwaukee!!!


Our baseball team hasn’t been anywhere near the playoffs since 1982!:mad:

And check the sports page to see how they’re doing this year!:mad: :rolleyes:

And they’re taxing us, We the Sheeple, to build a medicre stadium for a shitty team!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:X1000

And you’re worried about the Steelers in week 3?
Ahhhhhhhh, ha hah ha hah ha!:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, Christ! Maybe I’m biased because of where I live but…
This has got to be one of PK’s best posts!

I mean, It’s week 3 in the NFL! Anything can happen!!!
(except the Brewers going to the Series!!!:()

Well, I think both of you are RIGHT!

The Steelers can fall farther; but not by much. One game at a time is the team’s attitude.

You know, there were a lot more posts in this thread. Some other topics were presented.

But I like your idea, pk. I have a day open Saturday- maybe I will drive over and immerse myself into the Hall of Fame on Saturday. It’s a three hour ride. A whole wing, you say?

Now that Jerome’s extortion case is seemingly going along quietly, maybe he can concentrate…

Sorry, I meant Milossarian.

Again, I make it to 200 posts… third time’s the charm? maybe this one will stick.

As far as I remember, Detroit never had the team that was the heart of the city ripped out and relocated to Indiana-noplace, and had to struggle for 14 years against the determination of the NFL NOT to put a team in Baltimore because we didn’t deserve one and should “build a museum instead”.

Cry your river all you want, you have no idea, and I have no sympathy.

Uh, didn’t Baltimore celebrate a Super Bowl championship like three years ago?

Where I’m from, 9-7 and one-and-out of the wildcard game is celebrated.

Not this year. :slight_smile:

Sure, the week I finally decided that they were having an off year and picked Cleveland in my pick 'em league. :mad:

You guys think your teams suck? Try growing up a 49ers fan! I was born in 1978. They’ve only won FIVE Super Bowls since then. I mean, how crappy can you get?

:: runs ::

Maddox looked damn good when he made it in the fourth quarter. Of course, he threw that interception in OT, but they still won.

Maybe Maddox should start next week.