Kudos to a token stranger.

To the Charlotte resident who donated money to the Obama campaign in honor of the guy(s) who kicked your campaign sign down and subsequently stole it: kudos! And, by the way, we took a snapshot of your replacement Obama sign saying so. Hope you don’t mind, but if you do, feel free to make a donation in our honor as well. :slight_smile:

We got even with a yard sign thief back in 2003. After multiple Kerry/Edwards signs got stolen off our front yard, we rigged up the next one thusly: [ul]
[li]Cut a piece of wire mesh to fit inside the plastic sheath sign[/li][li]Zip tied the sign through the mesh so it couldn’t be pulled off the stand[/li][li]Got a wire tree anchor, secured it through the sign and wire mesh, pounded the anchor end deep into the ground and coiled the excess wire up beneath the sign[/li][li]Moved a bench behind the sign and clipped a spot light on, to shine directly on the sign, so they wouldn’t have the cover of darkness to protect them[/li][/ul] Our front yard was elevated, held back by a 6’ retaining wall, with a flight of cement stairs leading down to the sidewalk. The morning after election night, we found the sign dangling over the edge of the wall, about halfway down the stairs. Whoever grabbed it and tried to run off down the stairs with it, didn’t see that it was anchored by a wire, which went taught at the midway point on the stairs, and probably caused them to go ass over tea kettle down the remaining ones.


Pictures of the rig, here (neighbor’s cat in the picture, not ours, fyi).

Good job, Shayna! Kudos to you as well.