LA Dopefest -- Saturday, 3/1/08, Hollywood Billiards

Hey folks…just a general announcement. A few of us are planning to get together to shoot some pool and shoot the shit this Saturday evening. All Dopers are welcome! (Many thanks to Brad Serum for scouting out potential locations!)

Also, for those of you who are already in for this, please just reiterate that in this thread. I don’t think we’ve settled on an exact time yet.

Hollywood Billiards
5750 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 465-0115

You know me - I’ll never miss a night of drinking and depravity! :smiley:

ETA: oh right, and pool too. I understand there’s pool…

Have fun guys! I’m heading over to Burbank airport to pickup my mom, she’s visiting for a week so I have to pass on this trip.

I’ll do everything I can to come to the April outing though!

I’ll have to pass as well - my sister’s bridal shower is this Saturday. See you in April.

I’ll show up even though I suck at pool and don’t drink… actually that last one is probably good considering…

I’m proposing a time of 7:30pm to accomodate some who are otherwise occupied during the day. Is there any objection?

Should work for me!

Crap, that is stumbling distance from my house. I will do what I can to stop by.

I’ll be there. How do we identify ourselves? Is everyone going to be wearing tin-foil hats?

Look for the goat?

I’m planning on wearing one of my kitty hats. So I’ll be the lost looking girl with the cat ears gazing around in fear (damn social anxiety. I don’t even really have it anymore but it still kills me.)

Do we get name tags? Cuz I suck with names. And I have, like, four I could put down (Silvercat / S’kat, Kitty, Real Name, and …)

I’m the bear with the crown.

OK, in all seriousness, I’ll post whatever me and the husband are wearing. Probably flying school colors, though. That’s how we roll.

… the Bruins are a football team right? =^.^=; (don’t blame me, blame my dad. Actually blame HIS dad. He’s dead, he can take it)

We are many teams.

Wow. No kidding. Good for y’all. Ooo, hey, pretty blue! =^.^=

I may be there. Be advised that my birthday is the next day!

I’ll be this guy, but without the tux. I’m the one that shows up really early and looks really enthusiastic. If you overhear anyone talking about bowling or Roscoe’s, that’s me.

You don’t miss an opportunity, do you? (And you know that’s a compliment!) :slight_smile:

I’m in.

Count me in!

(and Asimovian, I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to email you back…have been a bit busy. Will tell you tomorrow)


I just realized… I have a black Chicago Reader t-shirt from mod days :slight_smile: So just wave me down when I walk past you.

Anyone know of the parking scene at this place? Street or structure?