Ladies, does the smell of Old Spice turn you on?

Well, does it?


Yes, ever so. Really.


Yup. But I’m also susceptible to Brut.

no, but it does remind me of dad…


Oooh baby, yes it does :smiley: so does Calvin Klein’s Eternity, Polo, and Pleasures for Men. On the other hand, Brut or English Leather make me gag…too many sweaty boys in my high school doused themselves in these to try to mask the B.O.

I’ve been using Old Spice for 40 years. Thank you, ladies.

Better to smell of Old Spice than to smell of Old Socks. :slight_smile:

  • PW

Old spice turns me on but that’s just because I associate it with when I was a kid and my parents were going out and leaving me all alone in the house with the hidden stash of nudie mags.

I love the smell of Old Spice. Oh, yes.

pokey, there’s nothing worse than jacking off to the same thing your dad jacks off to.

Until I met bowler guy, I would have said no. The combo of Old Spice and bowler guy, however, is pure heaven. He also wears Red and Safari which smell delicious but given a choice I always request the Old Spice.

Sage words indeed. To be really truthful, the smell of Old Spice makes me feel excited, yet guilty and ashamed in a way I can’t quite explain.

[S] Slight Hijack[/k]

Long ago, I heard from a lady that the smell of Drakkar made her into a drooling sex slave. Trouble is, I can’t wear it, because when I was 15, a guy who was wearing Drakkar beat me up. So I always associate the smell of Drakkar with being beaten up. Thus, I wear no cologne or scent whatsoever. Do women really prefer scent, or just the “smell of a man,” albeit with deodorant?

[e] end slight hijack [/k]

I wear Drakkar Noir (and Mitchum deodorant), and I’ve never gotten any complaints from women. No sex slave offers either, though. Honestly, I do get a positive comment every now and then, but that’s it.

Old Spice is all that I use anymore. I’ve had many compliments on it over the years. I have on occasion had women lose control…I’ll be standing in a checkout or other similar place and have a female get a little too familiar in an attempt to get a better whiff.

Not that I’m complaining… :smiley:

My dad wears Old Spice and English Leather. They smell warm and comforting, like a dad’s bear-hug. Really nice, but not precisely sexy.

One of the partners at my office wears Old Spice. He is one of the most intelligent, thought-provoking, forward-thinking men of my parents’ generation I have ever met. His aftershave makes me weak in the knees. Sexy. Precisely.

No. I’m allergic to most fragrance products, and it’s hard to be particularly turned on when your throat is swelling shut.

I like Brut, though. I’m not allergic to it, and like the smells of horses and dried tobacco, it reminds me of my dad, so it soothes me.

Hannibal Lector: That after-shave you’re wearing, Will. It’s something a child would buy. Comes in a bottle with a ship on it, doesn’t it?
Hannibal always was an olfactory snob, and good at making you feel like a rube.