Ladles and gents, Boston Dopefest, August 20th-ish

Ladles optional. Autolycus required.

Whatever we do, it has to be on the cheap. As The Holy Bible Says, no man can serve two masters. My landlord and resort-area hotel owners argue the point with me. If we can wait until September, I might be able to do something that actually requires financial solvency.

I we can get something together in five days, I’ll be there. Someplace cheap and non-humid (we must think of lorene’s hair).

Figures I’m on vacation only through the 19th. :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, if it needs to be later than the 20th, I’m OK with it. I’ll be dirt poor until 9/6. I guess it all depends on how long Autolycus will be in town.

Then again, it sounds like Ms. Pumpkin is in town right now. I’m free this weekend, if we can do something for free.

Oh, I’m just up the road apiece, in Maine(always). Off work thru the 19th, but dirt poor as well. Sigh.