Last CD bought, and would you recommend it?

I know the second part of the title sounds somewhat silly, but sometimes I do buy albums based on cover art, a single song, or the artist’s reputation. And a few times, I’ve been burned. Those discs don’t even get ripped to my Zen.

On Sunday I committed my number one addiction sin: I went into a well-stocked used music store. And luckily had fairly little cash, so I only walked out with one disc that I’d been looking for used for a few months now: Beth Orton “Trailer Park”. I think I like it better than the other disc I own, Daybreaker.

So what have others bought lately? ITunes definitely counts.

“White Ladder,” by David Gray has been resident in my CD player on an almost permanent basis since I picked it up a couple weeks ago. I recommend it.

I bought Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis, the redux version. I don’t feel it quite fits the great hype, but there are some tracks that are just oh-so-soothing, overall a great record. Yeah, I recommend.

The last CD I bought was “Seeing Singles, Drinking Doubles” which is a compilation put out by Bloodshot Records. It’s got some Ryan Adams, Kelly Hogan, Neko Case and much more, including some great covers of Poison, Madonna, and Conway Twitty. It made for a fun road trip looking for a Shakey’s Pizza place in Minnesota that apparently hasn’t existed for about 10 years.
I’m a dork and if you’re one too, pick this one up.

Ryan (and Whiskeytown) have been playing throughout my day today, so I have to say I am too a dork! Definitely have to go take a look at that one.

I love that album!

“O” by Damien Rice. And yes, I would recommend it if you like pretty mellow, acoustically driven troubador type music. Not that it’s a genre or anything. :slight_smile:

I bought Lynard Skynard essential collection (2CD set). damn good cd set and well worth the 20.00$

I just bought Jane’s Addiction’s Kettle Whistle. I wouldn’t dissuade someone from buying it, but I wish I had gotten something else. I think I over-hyped it in my head.

The new Natasha St. Pier CD (French-Canadian singer). Worthwhile, even if you don’t speak French.

I bought three w/ Xmas Gift certificates, but that was a while ago.

Jet, The Darkness, and the new Strokes record.

Jet is mostly really good, but if you don’t think a rock record should have more than two ballads, try and listen to it first. There are like 4 or 5 slower tunes on there.

The Darkness rock. If you are into that sorta thing. I don’t know anyone who has heard this record and been ambivalent about it- either you get the joke and think these guys are amazing, or you’ll absolutely hate 'em.

The new Strokes record, much like the last one, takes a while to grow on you. The first time I listened to it, my reaction was “Eh.”, but grow on me it did, and in a big way.

Since you mentioned iTunes, I’d suggest rather than buying a new disc or one album’s worth of music from iTunes, check out instead. 15 bucks a month for 65 tracks a month.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow by The Prowlers. If you like classic oi, it’s a damn good album. Even if they are Canadian.

The last time I bought a CD, I bought two at the same time.
Sheryl Crow’s The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow and the Cold Mountain soundtrack. Love them both.
If it’s possible to wear out a CD, the Sheryl Crow CD is probably just about worn through.

The last CD I bought was “Page Avenue” by Story of the Year. I like it a lot. The rest of the cd is a little harder than the single (until the day I die) so be forwarded. Luckily, harder is often good IMHO.

On the other hand, the one I bought second to last, the newest Guster cd “Keep it together”, was a big disappointment; it’s no better than their first cd, which until now I always considered the weakest :frowning: Damn, and I was expecting it to be good like the middle two…

The Thorns self-titled. I got the one with the Sunset Sessions. Highly recommend, if you like, say CSNY.

Jayhawks Rainy Day Music. Highly recommended.

The last CD I bought was * Victor Jara * by the Chilean folk singer of the same name. (He was murdered during the coup in 1973.) The lyrics are in Spanish so if your’re not familiar with that language they may be hard to understand, but his voice and the guitar playing are amazing. I’ve thought about getting my mother a copy for her birthday.

A 12 track best-of collection of New Orleans funk band/ studio rhythm section The Meters, called The Essentials. One of those low-priced collections the record companies had been flooding record stores with lately.

It’s fun but got old quick, I had heard more of the songs already than I thought I did. I went to the store looking for New Orleans/Mardi Gras music like Professor Longhair, Dr. John, or the Wild Tchoupitoulas (whose one album the Neville Bros and the Meters played on), but this was all they had.

Kind of at loose ends for what to buy next myself.

A few days ago I purchased Castaways and Cutouts, the first album released by The Decemberists. I reviewed it (positively) here.

I’ll have to check it out. :slight_smile:
I got The Slackers “Close My Eyes” a few months ago. I love all their albums and this one doesn’t disappoint.

I’ve also been buying a lot of tradition Irish/Scottish music lately. Some ones I particularly like are Teada, Beneche “The Morning After” and Dervish “Live in Palma.”

The last CD I bought was a gift for someone else (Voltaire’s The Devil’s Bris), but I’ll still throw in that I’d reccomend it.

The last two CDs I’ve gained possession of (which were gifts) were the Beatles Let it Be…Naked, and PuffyAmiYumi Nice. Both of which I’d reccomend. (Puffy are the band that do the theme song (and some other music) for the Teen Titans cartoon - the English version of which is on Nice.)