Last Comic Standing: What if 3-way tie in the "I'm funnier than.." challenge?

There was a two-way tie, which meant the two that tied were the ones facing off. Have they ever mentioned what happens if there’s a 3 (or more) way tie?

I guess it never came up.

Not to hijack the thread…but can someone re-cap last night’s episode for me. I missed it. :mad:

In order to get immunity, the comics had to pitch a sit-com to a focus group. Tammy won that one.

For the challenge, all the comics, including those who got kicked off, voted to see they wanted to go up.

Heffron got the most votes. He chose to go up against Corey Holcom. Then, as a twist, the rest voted for someone else to go up. They all voted to see Alonzo. So, it was a three-way showdown.

Alonzo got the most votes, then John Heffron, so Corey was elimanated.

The final five are: Gary, Kathleen, Tammy, Alonzo, and John. Next tuesday, the ones who got kicked off will perform, and the “american people” will be able to call in for their favorite, and one winner will be back on the show.