Leaping into the MMP

My sleep schedule was all screwed up thiese past few days. Early to work on Friday, stayed up late for the film festival. Early on Saturday to work, only half a day though, then movies until nearly 11:00PM. I skipped one to take the dog out. A couple hours early at work yesterday, to ice and decorate two cake, home to clean up and then deheathenize. By yesterday afternoon my body didn’t know which way was up and I went to bed at 6:30 PM Slept really good though.

Blurf. Any Dopers have a birthday today?

Have a good Leep Monday!

First! Woot! I have to wait until next Monday for my birthday so I missed being a leap baby by a few days.

Busy weekend for me, I went to see a fantastic couple of bands last night but clearly it’s not the best thing to do on a Sunday night when you roll home in the early hours and have to get up at 6.30am to go to irk. And today promises to be rather irksome too. Ho hum.

Happy leap day!

2nd! W00T!
Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. It’s my Firday. :smiley:

Baker, it’s Cam Ward’s(Canes goalie) birthday today. He’s “8” today

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 44 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 74 and sunny. Plus pollen. ICK! I am goin’ into irk this mornin’. I am a bit stuffed up but I reckon I can deal.

My younger sis and bro (may he RIP) were almost born on Leap Day. They missed it by just a few minutes and were born on March 1st. I do, however know a few folks who were born on Leap Day. I was born in July on a non leap year so I missed it by a bunch. :smiley:

OK, now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then, alas and alack, irk purtification must commence. I have paperirk stuff to catch up on, trainin’ to catch up on, and joy of joys, a conference call.

Happy Moanday Y’all!


Not much going on today. Airman is starting to work more nights, so I’m on my own with the sprog. He’s got Scouts tonight, so it’s almost like I’ve got the night off.

5th maybe

Guess it depends on how long my post is on this leap day

At least there’s an extra day of pay for the husband on his check

Well here’s going for the 5th this morning!

I’m going to be older in a couple of weeks, but not yet. Oh wait. Well, y’all know what I mean.

Got my new computer at work. This one has more than one USB so I can stick a keyboard and mouse on it at the same time :slight_smile:

No leap year baby here; April is my time. Am a bit grumpy that leap year falls in my retirement year; why do I have to work an extra day before I am done, I ask you!?!?!?

Work up about 0200 this am and never really got back to sleep before giving up and rising about 0440. Expect to pay for it this evening. Getting cash from the bank for March and doing grocery shopping are the exciting chores I have planned for Moanday.

Still, have Blue Man Group to look forward to this coming weekend…if I can get enough sleep…

Blue Man Group is so cool!

Why not a Red Man Group? Oh wait.

Morning break - I’ve done 2 drawings so far today - go me! Now I’m about to leap into a real booger of an installation drawing… wish me luck!

Mild day ahead, then rain, I think. We might see some snow Thurs night into Firday, but the forecast has been revised to less than an inch, which is much better than the 6" that was threatened last week.

Leaping onward! Happy Moanday!

I was born during a leap year, but in September.

Mine is Sunday Sunday Sunday!
Actually we don’t celebrate birthdays much. Both our families kinda made a big deal out of it but that sort of passed us by.

Up and still congested. I’ll be curious how well I survive irk.

I had a wakeful, restless night but then got about 2.5 hours of solid, deep sleep. Showering and caffeinatinh are about to commence.

Are all the kings coming, Coming, Coming?

I also treat birthdays like leapsters do the other three years.

The radio station had 7 leapsters in studio today & threw them a little kids party since they ranged in age from 4 - 9. The singers they brought in did songs like, “Clap, clap, clap your hands…” :smiley:

Had a miserable night waking several times due to Hot Flashes :mad:

At irk of course. Got a million things to do with the end of month.

Lunch break -wooooo what a day! I don’t know what’s going on with the data base, but I’m seeing all kinds of weird stuff as I try to get things done. I think the server is possessed…

Happy %^$*(&^ Monday!

Oh it has just started out to be the best of days!

At least the weather is nice,

We have to go to the grocery store today, and I have to schedule in two trips to the college this week for exams.

You know you are really tired when you wake up to the bladder’s call, and then wake up sometime later still sitting on the throne with your head resting on the sink.

My Birth year wasn’t even a leap year, so nope!

Also Irk from home and I has a blurf.

I had a 4 day weekend, but I shall only have 2 days off next week :frowning:

Ah well. Happy Moanday!

I’m sure they are willing to sell you a USB hub at only a 2500% markup…

Not a leap baby. but I came fairly close to being a New Years one. I think we actually get a real celebration fewer times. :stuck_out_tongue: